Monday, September 06, 2010

Cutting the Toe Nails

So today I decided I was going to get some nail clippers for Hurley. So I searched online and found some Martha Stewart brand, and they had a fairly good review. So I drove down to petsmart and bought them. Then I thought I would take care of it and be able to cut all 4 paws. I was wrong. I got 4 done, but then I was trying to get the nail on the side (the dew nail??) and cut it. Hurley didn't yelp or anything. The next thing I noticed was blood dripping. I tried getting his paw to look at it. I turned and saw how short I really did cut the nail. I panicked! and of course knowing me I started crying... A LOT! I felt horrible. I tried drying it up or cleaning it with a baby wipe... bad idea. Then I tried getting it with toilet paper. Still was bleeding...a lot. Hurley was licking it a ton, which kept it bleeding. Chase told me to call one of the Nurse Practitioners in our ward to get a blood clotting agent. I was panicking still... there was no way I was going to call him. So I called my mom because I knew Michael had cut dog's nails too short. Michael said that he would just wrap the paw so that they wouldn't lick it. My mom also said use cornstarch or something to help with clotting. So I did both, cornstarch the nail, and then put gauze on and then wrapped it. Poor puppy! I feel so bad, and I don't think I could ever get over it. I told Chase I felt like it was me cutting off someone's finger. He said no, just cutting it too short. Oh sorry I forgot to mention that Chase is gone to Maryland to meet with a huge bank. So that's why I was all alone in this process. Here's some pictures. I hope you don't cry like I did.
Nail clippers and the nail. :(

You can see the red in the nail. I cut like almost his whole nail off. I think I could cry all night! That's how bad I feel! I hope Hurley knows how bad I feel.
He looks like he broke a bone or something.

A closer look

Look at that sad face! 
He's in his favorite spot so it should be all good right? :( I hope. I will check it tomorrow.

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  1. I've cut many a toe (dog, cat, bird, rabbit, etc) and made them bleed and I feel bad every time. It's okay, practice makes perfect!