Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Anniversary Gift - Craft

So I had been trying to figure out what to do for Chase and I for a gift for our anniversary. Here's what I came up with. I got the idea from this blog, but made it my own. I have 2 more cans and figured I could use them as gifts for weddings or bridal showers. I know how important it is for married couples to go on dates, and thought this would be a good use for the cans. Plus it's just so hard for me to throw things away, because I know they will end up at the dump and not recycled.

So I took a pringles can:

 Then I spray painted it:

This is what I did to the cap:

 The final product:

The pad I use for my cricket decided to not be sticky the day I did this and so I ended up printing off some of my digital scrapbooking letters and painting the paper. THEN I modge podged them to the can, then modge podged the can. Then attached a cute bow. After the bow I printed off all the date ideas I had collected from various blogs and folded them and put them in the can. I think there is maybe over 100 date ideas in the can. How they fit I don't know. This did not take me very long at all! Maybe 2 1/2 hours tops. But it was over several days. The paper and ribbon are American Crafts products.

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