Thursday, July 01, 2010

Project #5 - The bows/hairclips

So last week before Carolin went to Girls camp my mom, sister and I wanted to get together and have a fun "craft day", so I emailed Mom, and Carolin and gave a few little projects that we could do. Carolin of course wanted to do all of them. :) We unfortunately were not able to complete all the projects.

Here is the link that I found to use as a template for the bows.
The two colors we decided to do. Carolin thought it would be fun to make a bow for us to wear on the 4th.
Carolin showing off her cute bow!


  1. What a great deal on chicken! haha jk:) Way cute bows!

  2. well I wanted to do them all because you are just such a good craft picker outer