Sunday, July 18, 2010

Motorcycle Ride - Around Utah Lake

One of the things Chase loves (and I do too) is going for a nice motorcycle ride. He has been wanting to ride around Utah Lake for a while now, and he finally convinced me to go. Seeing as I'm out of school and out of a job. It was really fun, we stopped by my parents and picked cherries. YUM! Chase gave Carolin a ride, and then went up to visit Chase's parents and had Ice cream. YUM! All in all it was a good long Saturday. You wouldn't think that you would get burnt out from taking a ride, but sure enough we were both beat and sun burnt!
Here's some pictures when we stopped in Eureka. 
This was a cool building we ran into and Chase really liked it the last time he drove around the lake with his buddies.
Me brushing my hair. It gets so knotty. 

After my hair was brushed.
Hot Chase! :) 

We had a lot of fun and can't wait to do it again... Maybe one of these day's we'll be brave enough to ride up to Jackson Hole. It's been one of Chase's dreams since we got the bike.

Or maybe one day I'll get a Honda Rebel and go riding with him! 

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