Monday, July 12, 2010

Girls Camp

Yup, I was at girls camp this past week because the ward needed a nurse, and the nurse they had scheduled had to work. I know I'm not a nurse, but I have first aid background. During the whole camp all the girls including the leaders kept asking me if I was a nurse. It was quite frustrating, but I was totally nice about it. I only have a few pictures, from camp. I went on the zipline, and it was super fun. I was able to take a few other pictures from hiking up past silver lake in American Fork Canyon. I thought it was a pretty hard hike so did all of the girls. Only one girl from our ward got hurt, she slipped and fell on the way down from the hike. The nurse from the other ward took care of her. She definitely had a swollen cheek around her eye, and she didn't listen to me when I told her to ice it. I would like to say I had a good time, but I'll be honest, I really didn't. I did miss Chase, and he definitely missed me.

Cool waterfall on the hike

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  1. I'm called as the assistant camp director for my Ward. But along with working with other women there are hurt feelings. I asked to be released but the bish said. No. Needless to say hurt feelings are patched but I'm not going. And I couldn't be happier. :) glad you were safe.