Saturday, July 24, 2010

Celebrating the 24th

We don't do a lot of celebrating. Maybe its because everyone here in Utah is celebrating Pioneer Day, and we don't usually (there's a reason I don't, but Chase has steered me in the right direction - or at least he would like to steer me in the right direction). Chase and I first started off at his parents to wash the bike and to also let the Hurls run around. We are terrible at taking him out and plus its just so hot I mean 97 degrees probably is nothing compared to the heat out in Cali. But still. We should be better about it - it also sucks to keep him on a leash the whole time he's out.

Then we took the dog home changed into shorts and swim attire and headed out for the second annual Foam Day that Lehi City put on.

Had to show the legs! The foam was EVERYWHERE!

All foamed up!
Everyone was lovin it! Even the parents!
It was everywhere!
Then they had a place to get all the foam off. That's what I was standing in and getting all wet trying to get my icky legs cleaned off.

Then we were off to Kennecott Copper Mine. I found out they were having a free week or something, thought it would be perfect to check it out before it ended tomorrow. Gotta take advantage of all the free things in Utah!
The view. I think it's a lot different since the last time I went there when I was like 12 or so.

Such a stud!

After getting back Chase really wanted to start grilling. He suggested we make hamburgers, but I suggested BBQ chicken. So this is my man grilling on our little camping grill. 
He also wanted to make sure everyone knew we grilled on the 24th!
Such a hunk! Too bad he got super sunburned today! :(
The set up!
Isn't this a great set up!? Better than a stand up grill!
Hurley kept whining when we both were outside without him. Such a cute puppy!
Such a cute puppy! 

We had an absolute fun day, and I definitely wore Chase out! Even after we went swimming tonight! (We love having a pool at our condo!) 

Did you have a fun weekend!?

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  1. looks like fun! I have always wanted to go to a foam party!