Thursday, July 22, 2010

Anniversary Weekend

So Monday was our anniversary, (I know this post is a little late, but I haven't been feeling too good the last few days) but since it was my year to decide what to do I planned the whole weekend full of fun things for us to do. It started Saturday Morning because Friday night we had a ward BBQ and since we are on the activities committee we had to be there to help run everything.

I got all of my ideas from this blog. I have fallen in love with this blog it helps so much.

Saturday morning I had chase pick 1 of 3 envelopes.

The one he picked said this:

The other 2 said this:

Unfortunately there are only 2 diners that we know of, Denny's and Ihop. Chase chose Denny's. We also were dropping Hurley off at my parents place to let him play with Sam. So we had to coordinate with them, we didn't get to eat until about 11am, which ended up being more like a brunch. We had dessert and everything! Then we got in the car and I handed him 3 more envelopes
Chase picked this one:
Here are the other ideas in the other 2 envelopes:

So any of these would have been fun. We actually did two of them since one was "A trip to your favorite store", and we needed time to kill. Chase decided we'd go and see Iron Man 2 in the dollar theatre. I'll be honest it wasn't as good as the first one. Definitely not enough action, even Chase agrees with that.

After we went to the movie we waited to open the next envelope.
Chase picked the envelope and this is what it said:
He actually wanted me to pick the restaurant. I thought of one that we haven't tried near where we live. But then I thought of Marley's at the Harley Davidson Place in Lindon. We were both worried that they wouldn't be open, because there was only 1 car outside. But sure enough they were open. The sliders were a lot smaller than what I was thinking for some reason. I actually was thinking that sliders were like french fries. haha I was totally wrong. We got 3 different ones, the fries and a drink. We really liked it and were glad that we tried a new place to eat.
 We did find this bottle cap in one of the tables and Chase had to take a picture of it

These were in the other 2 envelopes:

The final envelope was called "Lovin'"
Chase had me pick this one, since he had picked all the others earlier that day. But before I opened it we watched the netflix movie that we got earlier that day which was called Fireproof (I have a review of the movie that I will post later).
This is the envelope I picked:

I won't go into details, but it was very relaxing.

Here's what was in the other 2 envelopes:

Chase really enjoyed the day and was glad that we did things that we wouldn't normally do. We tried to be very frugal. Thankfully he got an extra $100 from his work party from judging. We didn't even spend it all.

Sunday was very relaxed. Slept in without a dog waking us up at the crack of dawn. Went to church, not too happy that I went because I walked into sacrament meeting and all the girls from girls camp were up on the stand and I thought if they have extra time then they are going to ask me to come and bear my testimony and share my experiences of camp. Sure enough they did, I hope everyone understood what I said. I am in no way a public speaker and for some reason I have the hardest time sharing what I feel. Anyways everything was good, and we had a good lesson on the Priesthood, and family history. After church we came home and relaxed I made this yummy dessert that I have been dying to make! Everything turned out great!

Sorry no dinner pictures

Monday we got to sleep in again, and ate lunch at Rumbi Grill, we wouldn't have gone if  I didn't have coupons. Chase said that he couldn't believe he had never been there before because of how good it was. I have been there before and remember that they used cilantro in everything and how gross it was for me. This time was SO good, and we want to go back again. Sorry no pictures.

After we went Bowling at the Jack N' Jill Lanes in Lehi. I had another "date" planned. Plus we had never been bowling together. First I bought a bag of M&M's, and each color was something different we had to do. I apparently didn't buy a big enough bag cause we only had enough to last both of us 9, and then bowled normal the last round.
Nice butt shot
Us before the game with the M&M's
Chase bowling
This is a pretty funny picture. I think he might be a bit embarrassed by this picture. teehee
This is our score cards. Chase thought I was going to beat him at the beginning, but look he was 1 point off where I was 17 points off of my guess.
Final Score

For dinner we went to Braza Grill up in Murray it's a lot like Tucano's except they have actual people that work there that speak Portuguese! Amazing right!? Chase had a lot of fun talking to our servers. They also had things that they have in Brasil. I bought two $20 gift cards for $18.99 off of citydeals.com. It was great! No pictures! Sorry!

We had a great weekend and it was full of love and things that we don't normally do. Here's to remembering our wonderful day!


  1. Embarrassed... no.... laughing my butt off... YES!!! I had just bowled a gutterball.

  2. I love this!! You guys are seriously super cute and have the best ideas ever. My fave: Lingerie and apple cider. ;) You know me though...hahaha