Friday, June 18, 2010

Who Loves a GREAT deal!? ME ME ME!

For some reason ever since I started couponing (back in the beginning of May) I have had a horrible time trying to get a good deal. At least a 50% savings or more. Well today was the day! I went to Rite Aid thinking that I would be able to use my $5 off $25 coupon. Well apparently everything I wanted must have been in the sale that was from a week before! But I had coupons for Secret Deodorant. The coupons were for $.50 off one deodorant. So total a $1.00 for two deodorants. Well Rite Aid also had them priced at 2.49 and you would get a single check rebate (If you want to know more about single check rebates ask me later) of $1.50. So in reality you were paying $1.00 each. It also said limit 2 rebates per offer. Let me try and be more clear.

My total before coupons and rebates was: $5.00
Manufactured coupons I had: $1.00 (or $.50 each)
Wellness plus coupon from my last visit: $4.00
Single Check rebates total: $3.00

Total after manufactured coupons: $4.00
Total after wellness plus coupon: 0.00 + tax - the guy at the counter told me I needed something else so that way it wouldn't be a zero amount. So I bought some soap that was on sale for $.99.

Which brought my total with tax to: $1.38 + single check rebates (which I will get later) = $1.62 MONEYMAKER!

I really hope that made sense. Here's a picture to prove it!

A few tips for those of you who start using coupons are:
1. Never go to the store hungry - you will ALWAYS buy things on impulse because you are hungry and everything seems to look good.
2. Always go with a plan for coupon use and what you will buy. I even have a back up plan most of the time because I tend to get to the store after all the crazy couponers get there. 
3. Only and I mean ONLY use coupons when there is a sale! Which makes you more likely to always get a great deal!
4. Only buy the things on your list for that particular store don't add in other products. I have a tendency to try and find other deals, bad idea because I always spend more than I should. 
5. And for me I always have a budget. This may sound crazy. But Chase and I only spend $120 a month on food total. No more no less.

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