Friday, June 11, 2010

Project #4

The Shelf. I opted out of taking pictures. But I have the final product. We bought this shelf at Ikea for $9.99 in the "as is" section. Whenever Chase and I go to Ikea we ALWAYS make sure we stop in there. Well this time we were lucky. We had been searching for a shelf that had hooks and that would look good in our cute little condo. The only problem is that the shelf itself was white. It did not really go good with the theme of the LR. So Yesterday we went to Chase's parents to let the dog run around and also so Chase could get some work done that he didn't have time to finish on Friday. We took the shelf down so we could see what his dad recommended we do. Well he said we should sand it and then we could probably paint it either with spray paint or with paint and primer paint. We only had the paint and primer in red and in brown cause that's what we used to paint the rest of the house. They had some extra spray paint, in glossy black. We started using it and realized that we did not have enough to finish the project. We ran to Walmart, and got 2 black glossy spray paint cans. We finished spraying, but it was sticky. We were obviously too impatient to wait for it to dry. Also while it was drying there was cotton that was floating around and happened to land in the wet spray paint. We started sanding it again because we were going to have to spray it again. But then I realized that it was going to look a lot better with it sanded. I figured I could modge podge the whole thing and then that would get rid of most of the stickyness. So after my long paragraph about what we did in getting this project finished here's the few pictures that I have.

Now I just need to find something cute to put up there. Any ideas are very much welcomed!


  1. I love those type of shelves. You guys are so good at decorating and stuff. I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing in my house. ;)

  2. Tedi, all of your projects look awesome! Yes we are selling at the farmers market. Becky and Noah sell glass beads that they blow them selves, jewelery made with their beads,plus some other glass work and pottery. I am selling homemade sewn purses and crocheted hair clips. You should come visit us :)

  3. look at you little miss crafty pants! everything is coming together so well! I am confused... did you modge podge it or just paint it. (remember I am blonde) I hated spray painting things in utah for the same exact reasons! There is always something blowing on it and then it takes forever to dry!

  4. LeDawn, We spray painted it then let it dry then distressed it by sanding it then we modge podged it. I hope that helped clear things up.