Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Project #4 - The Shirt

Okay it's been a few days! But I wanted to show off what I did, and it actually looks quite cute on me! I bought it at Walmart for $3.00. It was very ugly, and looked horrible on me, and thought I needed to change it!

Before, looks huge right?
After cutting the sleeves. When I started cutting the sleeves it was frustrating and my machine was not working well with me. But I was finally able to hem them up. 
A close up of the sleeves before I sewed them.
After the hem up of the sleeves and then I added some ties to make it look a lot cuter.
Please don't ask how I did the ties. Let me just say I did a lot more than I should have. But I got the idea from this link.
After the front side. I guess this shirt could work if I were pregnant. Which I'm not so I guess I could just use it to hide the small belly that I have gotten from not exercising (won't get into that one). I'll show a post about the bows that Carolin and I made. AND I'll post what she did, and how frustrated she got with her little craft project. 

What do you think? Like or don't like?

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  1. Loooove it! Way to turn a not-so-cute shirt into a totally cute shirt! You're so crafty :)