Monday, June 21, 2010

Home Improvements? Not sure...

When Chase and I moved into the condo there was a leak with the garbage disposal, so we thought that instead of taking care of the problem then we would wait because it did not cause a problem and we could tell there was no water damage being done so we left it. I know bad idea right? Well Chase decided to do the dishes and filled the water up on that side. While Chase was doing dishes he noticed water coming from the cabinet. Sure enough total leakage! Chase went down to Home Depot to pick up a new disposal.
 We first had to take everything out. This everything we had under the sink.
This is Chase trying to get the top part of the disposal off.
Chase smiling for me.
Empty sink
This is after
Plumbers putty used
The old disposal. Gross right?
The new disposal
Under side of the sink
All taken apart. crazy. 
The new disposal. No more leaks! I have such a handy husband! he learned from the best!

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  1. Having a handy man at home saves so much money. I'm grateful my husband is a handyman too. :)