Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Day with the Pups

Last Thursday I went down to my mom's to help her go through things to get ready for a yard sale coming up the next few weeks. David was bored and I brought Chase's Nikon. I showed David how to change the white balance, ISO and shutter speed and told him to go learn how to take pictures and to just play around with the camera. I also showed Carolin and these are some of the good pictures they took. I'm not sure who took what, but I thought I would show off their art work. I will admit that I took 1 or 2 pictures.
Hurley and his food bowl that my mom got for him. Now he can stay there for a few days... That's only if Michael will allow it.
The same look he gave me ALL day! Yes he is as tall as me. One more inch he will be taller, and I will be the shortest in the family. :( Oh well.
He was so happy running and playing with Sam.
This is one of my favorites. He can be so annoying, but also the cutest thing.
Cute Sam, I'm betting he was already worn out from Hurley.
Look at these two! Aren't they the cutest.
Pretty flower. 
I think they got the focus backwards, but it's still a cute picture.
I know David took this, he called it something but I can't remember now.
Same look she kept giving me all day. What is the deal. No smiles.
Another cute one! Look at those adorable eyes!
Love the colors here.
David got one of me. Cause that was Carolin behind me.
And leaving you here's the lovely photo taken by: Carolin or David.... I hope someone will own up to it.

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