Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Project #4 - The Shirt

Okay it's been a few days! But I wanted to show off what I did, and it actually looks quite cute on me! I bought it at Walmart for $3.00. It was very ugly, and looked horrible on me, and thought I needed to change it!

Before, looks huge right?
After cutting the sleeves. When I started cutting the sleeves it was frustrating and my machine was not working well with me. But I was finally able to hem them up. 
A close up of the sleeves before I sewed them.
After the hem up of the sleeves and then I added some ties to make it look a lot cuter.
Please don't ask how I did the ties. Let me just say I did a lot more than I should have. But I got the idea from this link.
After the front side. I guess this shirt could work if I were pregnant. Which I'm not so I guess I could just use it to hide the small belly that I have gotten from not exercising (won't get into that one). I'll show a post about the bows that Carolin and I made. AND I'll post what she did, and how frustrated she got with her little craft project. 

What do you think? Like or don't like?

Friday, June 25, 2010

A big decision...

After several weeks (or maybe even months) of thinking I have chosen to take a new path. I have always wanted to become a nurse. It has kind of flip flopped over the years between a nurse, a nurse midwife, a chiropractor, a massage therapist, but I always was led back to becoming a nurse. After becoming a Medical Assistant and doing an externship at New Beginnings Clinic in Orem, I thought it would be fun to become a certified nurse midwife. Well I didn't realize how competitive getting into a nursing program in Utah or Idaho is. One of the benefits that I thought if by being a nurse is working four 12 hour shifts, and how easy it is to work and raise a family. I'm sure that's what a bunch of other women are thinking who are pursuing that career option. There are probably more benefits to being a nurse that I have not named.

Chase is totally fine and very supportive with me switching majors to Exercise Science. I have looked into both Utah Valley University and Brigham Young University's program, but am further along with UVU's program. My friend Sarah switched over to the Exercise Science Program last fall and will be done by next spring. Doesn't that sound way more exciting? I have been weighing my options of what I will do after I get my degree and I think for now I will take the Physical Therapy Assistant test and work in a Physical Therapy Clinic. The major thing now is I will be graduated possibly by the end of next year, instead of saying that it will be 4 more years from getting into the nursing program. Anyways that's my big decision and I have been thinking about it for a long time and I feel really good about it.

Other news is I'm done with Physiology at BYU. It by far was a LOT better than taking it at UVU. For some reason UVU's anatomy and physiology program is the hardest in the state (from what I've been told, and seen by having to retake it). Another thing that I think really helps with BYU's science classes is that they have TA's that will RETEACH you ANYTHING you are struggling with. Instead of having a teacher tell me that none of the TA's could reteach me anything, so there goes my help for getting a better grade and being able to understand anatomy. I think the main benefit from taking it at BYU rather than UVU is that there is a WAY different feeling being there where the church is present and the spirit is felt rather than UVU where none of that is present only in the institute building.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Play date with Tug

Yes you heard me. It's not just a "tug"-of-war! One of Chase's friends, Dallin has a dog that is some sort of terrier. He's a real sweetheart. Anyways Dallin and Tug came over a few weeks ago and Hurley just had a ball playing with him. Zoe did not like Tug at all. She's getting to be an older dog and doesn't like Hurley and thinks he's really annoying. Here's some pictures.
Hurley and Tug best of friends
What Hurley loves best= Being Chased
Being chased again
Aren't they cute
More "Tugging"
Exhausted pups
Leaving you with a smile courteous of Tug

Monday, June 21, 2010

Home Improvements? Not sure...

When Chase and I moved into the condo there was a leak with the garbage disposal, so we thought that instead of taking care of the problem then we would wait because it did not cause a problem and we could tell there was no water damage being done so we left it. I know bad idea right? Well Chase decided to do the dishes and filled the water up on that side. While Chase was doing dishes he noticed water coming from the cabinet. Sure enough total leakage! Chase went down to Home Depot to pick up a new disposal.
 We first had to take everything out. This everything we had under the sink.
This is Chase trying to get the top part of the disposal off.
Chase smiling for me.
Empty sink
This is after
Plumbers putty used
The old disposal. Gross right?
The new disposal
Under side of the sink
All taken apart. crazy. 
The new disposal. No more leaks! I have such a handy husband! he learned from the best!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Who Loves a GREAT deal!? ME ME ME!

For some reason ever since I started couponing (back in the beginning of May) I have had a horrible time trying to get a good deal. At least a 50% savings or more. Well today was the day! I went to Rite Aid thinking that I would be able to use my $5 off $25 coupon. Well apparently everything I wanted must have been in the sale that was from a week before! But I had coupons for Secret Deodorant. The coupons were for $.50 off one deodorant. So total a $1.00 for two deodorants. Well Rite Aid also had them priced at 2.49 and you would get a single check rebate (If you want to know more about single check rebates ask me later) of $1.50. So in reality you were paying $1.00 each. It also said limit 2 rebates per offer. Let me try and be more clear.

My total before coupons and rebates was: $5.00
Manufactured coupons I had: $1.00 (or $.50 each)
Wellness plus coupon from my last visit: $4.00
Single Check rebates total: $3.00

Total after manufactured coupons: $4.00
Total after wellness plus coupon: 0.00 + tax - the guy at the counter told me I needed something else so that way it wouldn't be a zero amount. So I bought some soap that was on sale for $.99.

Which brought my total with tax to: $1.38 + single check rebates (which I will get later) = $1.62 MONEYMAKER!

I really hope that made sense. Here's a picture to prove it!

A few tips for those of you who start using coupons are:
1. Never go to the store hungry - you will ALWAYS buy things on impulse because you are hungry and everything seems to look good.
2. Always go with a plan for coupon use and what you will buy. I even have a back up plan most of the time because I tend to get to the store after all the crazy couponers get there. 
3. Only and I mean ONLY use coupons when there is a sale! Which makes you more likely to always get a great deal!
4. Only buy the things on your list for that particular store don't add in other products. I have a tendency to try and find other deals, bad idea because I always spend more than I should. 
5. And for me I always have a budget. This may sound crazy. But Chase and I only spend $120 a month on food total. No more no less.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Day with the Pups

Last Thursday I went down to my mom's to help her go through things to get ready for a yard sale coming up the next few weeks. David was bored and I brought Chase's Nikon. I showed David how to change the white balance, ISO and shutter speed and told him to go learn how to take pictures and to just play around with the camera. I also showed Carolin and these are some of the good pictures they took. I'm not sure who took what, but I thought I would show off their art work. I will admit that I took 1 or 2 pictures.
Hurley and his food bowl that my mom got for him. Now he can stay there for a few days... That's only if Michael will allow it.
The same look he gave me ALL day! Yes he is as tall as me. One more inch he will be taller, and I will be the shortest in the family. :( Oh well.
He was so happy running and playing with Sam.
This is one of my favorites. He can be so annoying, but also the cutest thing.
Cute Sam, I'm betting he was already worn out from Hurley.
Look at these two! Aren't they the cutest.
Pretty flower. 
I think they got the focus backwards, but it's still a cute picture.
I know David took this, he called it something but I can't remember now.
Same look she kept giving me all day. What is the deal. No smiles.
Another cute one! Look at those adorable eyes!
Love the colors here.
David got one of me. Cause that was Carolin behind me.
And leaving you here's the lovely photo taken by: Carolin or David.... I hope someone will own up to it.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Project #4

The Shelf. I opted out of taking pictures. But I have the final product. We bought this shelf at Ikea for $9.99 in the "as is" section. Whenever Chase and I go to Ikea we ALWAYS make sure we stop in there. Well this time we were lucky. We had been searching for a shelf that had hooks and that would look good in our cute little condo. The only problem is that the shelf itself was white. It did not really go good with the theme of the LR. So Yesterday we went to Chase's parents to let the dog run around and also so Chase could get some work done that he didn't have time to finish on Friday. We took the shelf down so we could see what his dad recommended we do. Well he said we should sand it and then we could probably paint it either with spray paint or with paint and primer paint. We only had the paint and primer in red and in brown cause that's what we used to paint the rest of the house. They had some extra spray paint, in glossy black. We started using it and realized that we did not have enough to finish the project. We ran to Walmart, and got 2 black glossy spray paint cans. We finished spraying, but it was sticky. We were obviously too impatient to wait for it to dry. Also while it was drying there was cotton that was floating around and happened to land in the wet spray paint. We started sanding it again because we were going to have to spray it again. But then I realized that it was going to look a lot better with it sanded. I figured I could modge podge the whole thing and then that would get rid of most of the stickyness. So after my long paragraph about what we did in getting this project finished here's the few pictures that I have.

Now I just need to find something cute to put up there. Any ideas are very much welcomed!

Monday, June 07, 2010

At the Dog Park

We recently have been starting to take Hurley to the dog park. We found that he is very much anti-social and all he does is just "sniff" I'm sure a lot of dogs do that. But his sniffing nose takes over when we are out and want to play with him. Chase and I are a little concerned about him acting like this. We figured that we will have to keep taking him there. Here's some pictures of us taking him on Monday.

He's a little scared
The grand view of the dog park
Sniffing around
Watching all the other dogs
See him sniff? grrr

What are some fun things that your dogs love to do? Or would LIKE to do with your dogs?

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Weekend in Review - Memorial Weekend Edition

Memorial Weekend we always tend to do something productive. This is what we did last year. This past weekend Chase and I thought we would try out a dog park for Hurley, we went Saturday and Monday. Monday on the way home from the dog park I thought it would be fun to paint another room in our condo because we had extra paint. Chase called his parents and they came over. Chase's mom helped paint and Chase's dad watched a movie. It took us 2 days to get it done. But we really like it. I hope you do too. A side note, we did all of this without painters tape, that's why it took us longer. Here's the pictures.

Look at how white! SO gross!
Again with the white...gross...
Looking good and fuzzy, sorry for the picture being blurry
More painting
Look at Chase working... 
I think this was the second coat
Lookin' good right?
Accent from the colors
Another wall
Another wall... Missing something right? how about paint? :)
Same wall, but almost done
Done except for the wall hangings
Another picture
Looks really good right?
We are happy can't you tell!