Friday, May 07, 2010

What to get?!

I'll tell you what we got with our tax return, or the few things we got with it. We tried not to spend all of it, and we did make sure to pay our tithing. Our bishop probably thinks we're rich now and wonders why we've been holding out on him. :)

The before with no counter space
The shelves after, look at all that counter space!
Yes the previous owners installed the bars, but didn't bother making sure they were even.
Now what do I do with all the stuff underneath?
Clothes rack, doesn't fit under the counter, it's too tall I already tried.
We got this clothes rack when all we had was a washer, but not dryer. And dried all of our clothes in our bedroom throughout the 4 seasons. Yes our clothes stunk like they had been left in the washer for too long.
Shelf above the washer and dryer, what do I put up there now?

I guess I have a lot of these things that I want to do. But we already budgeted out our tax return. Every dollar has a name, just like Dave Ramsey says.

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