Monday, May 10, 2010


My little sister went to her Junior Prom with a very cute guy named Cody. He matched his tie and vest with her beautiful dress, that she only paid $5 for. I'm impressed. She asked a few weeks ago if I would do her hair. Sorry for the quality of the pictures. I forgot my camera and my brother had his on a low quality setting.
Back of the head shot
The braid was the hardest for me
Wrapping it around
Before Cody showed up, and mad that I took another picture
Miss sassy pants

Corsage time
Boutonniere time
Smile big!

Aren't they just so cute!

I'm glad she got to go to Prom. That is something I never got to do until my senior year of high school. But you know how all these dances are over-rated anyways! She'll eventually have to give me all of the details. Probably on Monday when I take her to the Paramore Concert. What a nice big sister am I? In fact I'm the only person that Dad trusts to take her! 

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  1. I actually only paid $2 for it. Michael haggled and got it down to that