Thursday, May 20, 2010

Project #2

The next project for me was going to be making a shower curtain. I have been needing one, and had this extra material from Ikea. I started with taking the curtain that I had in the bathroom and measuring it to make sure that they both would fit. Then I cut one out a little longer than needed. Since the material didn't meet my standards as far as length goes I had to cut it out, and then cut it into 3rds to be sure it didn't look too messy. I then sewed button holes where the holes would be in the curtain.

 The clear shower curtain from Ikea
Measuring. then cutting
I know you can't tell but I pinned the 2 together. Not even thinking that maybe I should have done that before cutting the first one out. Man!

So it definitely took a lot longer than I expected but after a few weeks I finally finished Sunday.

Since this shower curtain was going to go in our bathroom. Because our old shower curtain failed to reach the floor. It has been bothering me since we got our shower curtain. So I ended up making this shower curtain longer. I added an extra part on top, and I have to say it looks amazing.

The hardest thing about making this is that I did not have a pattern at ALL! So it was very hard to get the fabric straight. It was also my first time to sew button holes, that was another thing that was hard to get straight. But you can't tell that from the pictures that I have. I love it and think it turned out great!


  1. That curtain is gorgeous! It looks like it would cost $80 bucks at Anthropologie. You're so talented.

  2. That looks awesome! You little suzie home maker!! I have the hardest time with button holes too. i simply refuse to do them! glad I'm not the only one!!