Sunday, May 09, 2010


Easter happened to fall on Conference weekend. Which was totally nice! We got TV, well actually we paid to have a guy come and install rabbit ear like things on top of the building. It cost us an arm and a leg, and Chase was not very happy about the service that we received from the guy. He complained, and he usually isn't the one that complains, yup it's usually me that complains. Anyways this guy is causing problems in the complex, and the board is now trying to get rid of him, and get someone better, and who is not going to charge an arm and a leg, and change prices for different people too. Horrible service. Anyways Chase and I loved conference, and loved how the theme was about families, and being better parents. Which is something that we could start working on now before we start having kids. 

Our three Easter Baskets, yup I even got one for Hurley. He deserves to be loved, and get new toys right? Just like Chase at Christmas with his transformers. :)
What I put in Chase's Easter basket was Cars, Toy Story, lots of candy and chocolate, and a canteen to keep in his office. My goal to try and get him to drink more water. I don't know if it works or not.
My Easter Basket, I got Toy Story 2, Cute Easter Socks, Candy and Chocolate, Head bands, and a new pair of scissors for scrapbooking.
The Easter Bunny decided to give to Hurley a cool rope with tennis balls on the ends, and some doggy bones, which are now gone.

We had a good Easter. How about you?

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