Saturday, May 08, 2010


Another thing Chase and I decided to get with our tax return is a new bed. Yup you heard me a new bed! We have been sleeping on these not so good Ikea mattresses for so long, which has been killing our backs! The bed is still taking time to get used to, and we've been sleeping on it for almost a month now. But it is very comfy! And totally taller than what we're used to. I almost have to jump in order to get on it. Also Chase's Grandma Kartchner would probably saying that it is about the right height for her. :) She thought it was weird how low to the ground we had been sleeping.

First we had to take down the mirror too low and it would've hit the bed frame.

It's a LOT taller and bigger and softer than our previous bed

Close up shot, and our sheets don't even fit all the way. I think it's time to get king size sheets. For realsies!
Where the mirror was before we took it down.
This is what Hurley was doing while we were setting up the bed last night. Doesn't he look comfy!?

I'll eventually get a picture of it with our bed all made and stuff. But for now, use your imagination.

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