Friday, May 21, 2010

Project #3

I'm so surprised at how fast I was able to get this done! I have been wanting to make our pillows that we got from Ikea cuter. Well it has taken me forever to get around to doing something like this. And besides I don't have a job, and I have nothing better to do than to use what I have at home to make my house cuter. :) Riiight? I guess I could scrap book, but that takes too much effort and I feel like it takes me forever just to get one page done. Anyways. So the pillows I think turned out really cute, and it was super simple. I took the design for the flowers from this website. Then I cut out fabric that I had, and sewed buttons that I had from AC.

What do you think? 

Should I add something else?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Project #2

The next project for me was going to be making a shower curtain. I have been needing one, and had this extra material from Ikea. I started with taking the curtain that I had in the bathroom and measuring it to make sure that they both would fit. Then I cut one out a little longer than needed. Since the material didn't meet my standards as far as length goes I had to cut it out, and then cut it into 3rds to be sure it didn't look too messy. I then sewed button holes where the holes would be in the curtain.

 The clear shower curtain from Ikea
Measuring. then cutting
I know you can't tell but I pinned the 2 together. Not even thinking that maybe I should have done that before cutting the first one out. Man!

So it definitely took a lot longer than I expected but after a few weeks I finally finished Sunday.

Since this shower curtain was going to go in our bathroom. Because our old shower curtain failed to reach the floor. It has been bothering me since we got our shower curtain. So I ended up making this shower curtain longer. I added an extra part on top, and I have to say it looks amazing.

The hardest thing about making this is that I did not have a pattern at ALL! So it was very hard to get the fabric straight. It was also my first time to sew button holes, that was another thing that was hard to get straight. But you can't tell that from the pictures that I have. I love it and think it turned out great!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


I asked Chase if he could shave a mustache. So he decided to shave it a few ways. Here's pictures to prove it.

Monday, May 10, 2010


My little sister went to her Junior Prom with a very cute guy named Cody. He matched his tie and vest with her beautiful dress, that she only paid $5 for. I'm impressed. She asked a few weeks ago if I would do her hair. Sorry for the quality of the pictures. I forgot my camera and my brother had his on a low quality setting.
Back of the head shot
The braid was the hardest for me
Wrapping it around
Before Cody showed up, and mad that I took another picture
Miss sassy pants

Corsage time
Boutonniere time
Smile big!

Aren't they just so cute!

I'm glad she got to go to Prom. That is something I never got to do until my senior year of high school. But you know how all these dances are over-rated anyways! She'll eventually have to give me all of the details. Probably on Monday when I take her to the Paramore Concert. What a nice big sister am I? In fact I'm the only person that Dad trusts to take her! 

Sunday, May 09, 2010


Easter happened to fall on Conference weekend. Which was totally nice! We got TV, well actually we paid to have a guy come and install rabbit ear like things on top of the building. It cost us an arm and a leg, and Chase was not very happy about the service that we received from the guy. He complained, and he usually isn't the one that complains, yup it's usually me that complains. Anyways this guy is causing problems in the complex, and the board is now trying to get rid of him, and get someone better, and who is not going to charge an arm and a leg, and change prices for different people too. Horrible service. Anyways Chase and I loved conference, and loved how the theme was about families, and being better parents. Which is something that we could start working on now before we start having kids. 

Our three Easter Baskets, yup I even got one for Hurley. He deserves to be loved, and get new toys right? Just like Chase at Christmas with his transformers. :)
What I put in Chase's Easter basket was Cars, Toy Story, lots of candy and chocolate, and a canteen to keep in his office. My goal to try and get him to drink more water. I don't know if it works or not.
My Easter Basket, I got Toy Story 2, Cute Easter Socks, Candy and Chocolate, Head bands, and a new pair of scissors for scrapbooking.
The Easter Bunny decided to give to Hurley a cool rope with tennis balls on the ends, and some doggy bones, which are now gone.

We had a good Easter. How about you?

Saturday, May 08, 2010


Another thing Chase and I decided to get with our tax return is a new bed. Yup you heard me a new bed! We have been sleeping on these not so good Ikea mattresses for so long, which has been killing our backs! The bed is still taking time to get used to, and we've been sleeping on it for almost a month now. But it is very comfy! And totally taller than what we're used to. I almost have to jump in order to get on it. Also Chase's Grandma Kartchner would probably saying that it is about the right height for her. :) She thought it was weird how low to the ground we had been sleeping.

First we had to take down the mirror too low and it would've hit the bed frame.

It's a LOT taller and bigger and softer than our previous bed

Close up shot, and our sheets don't even fit all the way. I think it's time to get king size sheets. For realsies!
Where the mirror was before we took it down.
This is what Hurley was doing while we were setting up the bed last night. Doesn't he look comfy!?

I'll eventually get a picture of it with our bed all made and stuff. But for now, use your imagination.

Friday, May 07, 2010

What to get?!

I'll tell you what we got with our tax return, or the few things we got with it. We tried not to spend all of it, and we did make sure to pay our tithing. Our bishop probably thinks we're rich now and wonders why we've been holding out on him. :)

The before with no counter space
The shelves after, look at all that counter space!
Yes the previous owners installed the bars, but didn't bother making sure they were even.
Now what do I do with all the stuff underneath?
Clothes rack, doesn't fit under the counter, it's too tall I already tried.
We got this clothes rack when all we had was a washer, but not dryer. And dried all of our clothes in our bedroom throughout the 4 seasons. Yes our clothes stunk like they had been left in the washer for too long.
Shelf above the washer and dryer, what do I put up there now?

I guess I have a lot of these things that I want to do. But we already budgeted out our tax return. Every dollar has a name, just like Dave Ramsey says.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Hard few weeks!

I'll be completely honest. This may be a post that you might not want to read. So I'm warning you now that way you can just look the other way, and read other happier posts, that I have scheduled for later this week.

Chase, and my family know how angry and pessimistic I can get with school and just life in general. A few weeks ago I had a wake up call where I realized that I needed to change the way I think and feel, and for some reason ever since then it's been super, super hard. Its like when you start reading your scriptures again after a few months of not reading and for some reason trials get harder and it seems like it was thrown in your face, even though you know you're doing what the Lord wants you to do. These past few weeks I have felt like a teenager with all these raging emotions inside of me. One minute I'm fine, and the next I break out into tears, it happened in Relief Society on Sunday, and I am honestly glad I went because I knew it was what I needed to hear, especially one sisters testimony. I haven't felt normal since that wake up call, and I wonder when and if I will feel normal again. One key thing that I think would help is to have and be more patient, to relax, not be so serious, and to have more fun. So that is my goal. I am also asking my family and friends to please bear with me while I keep this goal, and to maybe ask and see how it is going. I know changing the way I think and feel is the only way it will help with my relationship with my husband, family and friends. Yes there is more to the story, but I figured I would spare you those very grim details.

But on a very happy note. This past semester Chase and I thought it would be best (and thanks to the position that he got back in September) if I quit working, and just focus on school full-time. I was only taking 13 credits but it was extremely hard, and I did everything that I could to keep up with my school work. It paid off! I know I shouldn't think the best of this, but I ended up having to retake anatomy, because of my failed attempt last spring. Well apparently it worked. For some reason anatomy seemed to click better, and I was able to fully understand the things that I was learning. I did still have to put in a lot more effort compared to my other classes. It worked, I got the grades that I wanted, and now I have a boost of confidence. So now I can finish physiology at BYU this spring, and study my brains out, and know that I can make it through anything!