Sunday, March 21, 2010

Table and Chairs

So here's the story about how we traded our couch and chair for a table and chairs.

Chase put our couch and chair set up on KSL.com and also on craigslist.com. He got a call from this lady who said she had sold her couch because they were downsizing so she could go back to school. Anyways Chase told her that we had sold the table that we were using and didn't have a kitchen table any more. She said oh well I just so happen to be trying to sell my table and chairs. So she gave Chase the ad number and we looked at it and thought it was perfect for us. Well yesterday we did a straight trade. They have our old couch and chair and we have their old kitchen table set. We love it, and definitely needed it because we have family coming over for dinner tonight. I did clean them up because they were a bit dirty. But we definitely are very happy with this, and can't believe things worked out so well. I hope that can happen so we can get our new bed. ahhh we definitely need that!

Here's the pictures:

Couch - duh
Chair - no duh
Table, bench and 2 of the 4 chairs
another view

I really like the table and it's big for when we have the family coming over. Plus it will be good when we have parties too! yay!

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