Monday, March 29, 2010

Project #1

Starting now I am going to start doing my crafts in project numbers. So here's the first project that I have done in a while. I thought this bad boy was going to take me only a few hours. Well the paint wouldn't stay and I ended up having to take off the paint and redo it, so it ended up taking it a lot longer than I had expected.
 The tray that has never been used

More Painted
Modge Podged
After I redid it. I ended up modge podging paper to it. Then I painted it, and then modge podged it again. So it took a lot longer than I had planned.
I was planning on having this done over spring break, and ended up doing it a week or so later. And the paint stayed this time. It will eventually go in the kitchen. But for now with the entertainment center. Thanks Chase for setting that up!

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  1. You cut that out with your cricut machine when we were there for dinner