Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Couch

I told ya I would have pictures for you. We got an awesome deal at RC Willey Outlet in Provo on this sectional. It is a lot higher up than our previous couch, which we love a lot! I definitely need to do something creative with those pillows. Maybe that will be next in my long list of things that I want to do!

Yes Hurley is modeling the couch for you. Plus the poor doggy is cold! 

He looks so warm right?
This is where our old couch ended up until we could get rid of it. Let me say it was definitely a pain trying to go from the computer in the office out to the living room to check on Hurley. We tried getting it into one of the bedrooms, but this is where it ended up.

Coming tomorrow: Story of our table and chairs and the old couch


  1. LOVE IT! You got our dream couch. Unfortunately we can't have a sectional like that for several more years. Our Condo will not hold it. Our front room would look too crowded. Oh well, stil love my new couch. AND Your kitchen table is DARLING! I want a bench chair! They are just so unique! :) Congrats!

  2. Your couch looks so big and inviting! I need a nap :)