Thursday, March 18, 2010

March or 60 degree weather or maybe both= GREAT ride

It wouldn't exactly be Chase's first ride of the year. But it was ours together. It wasn't very long because it still is cold when you get up to 65mph. We went to Eagle Mountain City Center, and then took another route to State road 73 which heads out to Tooele, and also goes to Lehi Main Street. We've never taken that road before though. Although it was around 60 degrees yesterday it still was cold. I bundled up wearing a long sleeve shirt, a fleece coat, a scarf, gloves and Chase's leather jacket. I need to get one this year! All Chase had on was his thermal bottoms, gloves and then a long sleeve shirt and his other leather jacket. He obviously doesn't get cold very often. Here are some pictures before our trip. It was too cold to take pictures while riding. Plus there wasn't anything green.

Don't ya love the face? I sure do! 

Yes I had to be excited! I was excited.

Now I will be getting my motorcycle license this summer so that way we can just ride the bike and I can drive it. Sweet idea huh?


  1. That was supposed to be from me - Paige - I was signed onto my grandma's account helping her blog :)

  2. Tedi you look so hard core and rockin' in that picture! Love it!