Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Is something missing?

 One of these things is not like the other, can you tell me which thing is not like the other... or something like that. Let me explain.

So the other day I was walking into the library to check out a book for one of my classes because you can rent a book for 2 hours and then bring it back. So if you forgot your book you could check it out from the library and then return it after reading. It's so great! I saved a bunch of money (or I at least hope) this semester because of that. I checked with the circulation desk before school started to make sure they had the books I needed. It's a great way to save money! Because let me just say $600 for books (yes I paid that last year for Anatomy and Microbiology) can be quite expensive for a POOR college student. Yup that's me poor. I won't get into that. What I really wanted to talk about was this sign I saw up on one of the tv screens that showed that the library is now hosting Warcraft. You know the game. But what makes this VERY ironic is that I get messages sent to me while on the computer that say "If you are not doing any school work then please get off of the computer so that others may get on". Does that not seem ironic? You are telling me that you can play games on the library computers, but you have to get off if you are blog surfing or facebooking. It really doesn't make any sense, and why would anyone waste their precious time playing games. At least I'm being very constructive by finding things that I want to make, while not being on the computer.

Can you tell me what is missing? Cause I really can't figure it out!

OH! Chase showed me something last night. So he somehow lets everyone know on facebook when we post something on our blog. But what I don't get is that they will respond to his post on facebook, rather than comment on our blog. Please don't! I like the comments so that I can read them and not just Chase. Make sense? Cause not ALL of my friends on facebook are friends with his friends. And because I don't check out facebook that often. :)


  1. ***sarcasm***Didn't you know world of warcraft is more important than doing hmwk and web surfing. Sheesh, get your priorities straight.

    I also don't get that. What is this world coming to.

    I hate it when I link my blog to fb and people comment on the fb post. I call that laziness.

  2. Hi, I"m on of Chase's friends, who reads it via facebook. I didn't know it was a blog. He posts them as notes. There isn't even a link to you blog, (I had to go searching) So that might be part of why no one who reads it on facebook comments on your blog. That is really odd that they are hosting Warcraft, but if you're not doing homework you have to get off the computer. That doesn't make sense

  3. sorry tedi! i didn't know your blog url, but you asked about the other videos and so i thought i post the links to them - at least chase showed them to you, my hubby probably would have forgotten!

  4. No worries! Katrina you aren't the only one who has done it, and it wasn't just to you. Other people have done it too. I just like to see the comments too. :) That's all. I did watch those videos. :) Thanks