Monday, March 01, 2010


Wow I'm on a roll... Not really. I mean I go through these weeks where I do good at posting and then I don't write for almost a month. Oh well. Anyways here is a necklace I made for Carolin for her birthday. I got the tutorial off of this lovely website. :) I have this thing of checking out tons of blogs, finding all these cute ideas and then never making them. Well that's not going to happen this time! I'm making a list, checking it twice... (no not for Christmas), with all the ideas that I love, and the supplies needed. I have a habit of waiting until the last minute to get the supplies written down. So I'm starting early this time. I'm honestly trying to be more organized. It's not quite working out, but I am getting lots of ideas from people.


I know the necklace isn't the same as how Lindsay did it, but I like how mine turned out. My sister said she got many compliments at school on her necklace. Makes me happy. :)

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