Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Birthday's + Sunday Dinner = Party!

This was a few weeks ago, but we have a tradition of every 3rd Sunday of the month Chase and I get together with my side of the family. Every 1st Sunday we get together with Chase's family. So that means I only have to cook dinner twice a month (sometimes) on Sunday. Anyways It was my mom's birthday this last week and my brother's birthday on Saturday. I'll just say this kindly to my mom... You now have 2 teenagers to deal with. Not just 1. :) David definitely does not have the drama of a 17 year old female. I am being kind Carolin. I think we all were horrible as teenagers. You know got into trouble with the parents, wanted to be out on our own. Stuff like that. Anyways my mom turned the big *6. :) And David turned 13! Wow I must be old! hehe Anyways we had a lot of fun. I cooked Chili from off of Betty Crockers website. It was full of veggies! It was delicious! We had salad and also mashed potatoes, and my favorite Dr. Pepper. For dessert I made mom's favorite German Chocolate Cake. Yum!

We sang to Mom and David, but sadly I didn't have a bazillion candles for the cake. So they pretended to blow out the candles. *Missing Picture*
David anticipating his present
He's trying to be very sneaky...
Now he's just taking forever!
See that excitement on his face. He is just stoked to get new clothes! haha
And the shirt

Afterwards they all opened their presents.
The present
Taking forever. Now I see who David get's it from

Mom got a cricket from Michael, Chase and I. 
Carolin's got mad wrapping skills like Dad! hehe

Carolin gave her a big school purse because this is the year she get's her degree and can teach! YAY!
Cute huh? I don't even think he knew I snapped it! haha
One of us.
Toesy's I was getting bored I think...

Anyways! David got something from Mom and Michael, and I'm sure something from Dad, but they didn't give me pictures. So all I have is his present from Chase and I which were some new jeans. He has been growing out of his like crazy and we got him a spanking new shirt! He looks really good in it! Chase even picked it out! :)

Overall we had a swell night, and are very happy that everyone came for dinner, and brought their family dinner spirits! Happy Birthday Mom and David!

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  1. Mom says that she didn't have two girls as teenagers because the Lord knew it would be too much to handle and it probably would have been especially since how we were when we lived together