Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Not even living in the condo for a week, Chase couldn't handle the white walls. We were able to find some extra cash to use, and ended up getting 3 gallons of paint; 2 brown, 1 red. We were able to paint the living room, kitchen, and hallway with 1 gallon of paint. We painted one wall red in the living room too. We had a lot of fun painting. Hurley felt like he was behind bars the whole time, but actually did really well and just slept a lot of the time. The second day of painting is when he start whining a lot, and we started getting annoyed with it, and were fed up and just let him out of his pen. We had a lot of fun painting, and were exhausted by the weekend that I ended up getting a little sick from it. But now Chase calls it home (even more than it was before), loves it, and is very particular about getting things hung up the right way the first time. Which I guess equals less holes. Let me just say it was a darn good thing I was on Christmas break, because we wouldn't have been able to paint (or he would have painted by himself) until summer. Even then I'm taking classes so I can be done quicker.

The first coat

Excited to paint, can't you tell?

I told Chase he had to take one of me actually working, and I do believe my hair is quite long too.

We both had socks on. Bad idea. We both got paint on our socks and it seeped through to our feet. Chase just had to take a picture. We must document everything.

The first coat

After it dried. Looks good, like we almost don't need a second coat. But we did. You just couldn't tell in the pictures.

One wall of the living room, see how white the kitchen and hallway are? Just wait till you see it afterwards.

Looking better already right? Love it!

This is a before picture. If you couldn't tell.

And afterwards! Don't you just love it, and feel more homey already?

We always have to have some picture of Hurley in each blog, but seriously doesn't he look like he's behind bars? He's got those puppy dog eyes that say "get me out of here PPPLLLLEEEAAASSSSEEE"

Another one just for cuteness, I know the moms love to see the cute puppy

This one by far is the cutest one, except for the green eyes. sawry.

We love our new look. Can't wait to paint the baseboards and the rest of the rooms this summer! YAY!

Oh also the paint didn't stink too bad either, which my dad did mention several times that it didn't smell like new paint, and he asked what kind we used and it was Behr Ultra, I think. We only needed to use one coat instead of 2. Seriously it was worth the extra price.


  1. I totally love the red. You two get an A+ for awesome job in painting. As for the doggy you are evil masters for putting your dog behind bars. What did he do to you both? Sheesh ;) LOL. I'm sure if he was loose there would be red paw prints all over your new place.

    P.S. when are we coming over to see the new place anyway? :)

  2. You bought a condo?! Congratulations! The new colors looks fantastic!

  3. It is looking so good! Hooray for paint!!! I HAVE to come and see it! and yes, we do need to do more things together, stat! How has the first week of school been?

  4. it looks great!!! i love when a painting project is done!!! have fun in your new home!