Thursday, January 28, 2010

Enough is Enough

Saturday I convinced Chase to move the printer to the other side of the desk. Then I started pulling out all of my Scrapbook stuff so I could have a station and make things easier on myself when I feel the need to create. Well I pulled out all the paper and thought to myself "I think I collect too much paper." This is why: and decided to blog about it, cause I have nothing better to do. Well actually I have a lot but I am choosing not to do it. :) 

Just Paper Packs

Another view of the paper packs

Stack of cardstock, and patterned paper

Scrap paper that I couldn't bear to give up

This is all just from American Crafts. What do I do with it all?


  1. You give it to your awesome sister!

  2. I miss collecting paper! I actually had to go buy American Crafts paper at the store yesterday and I paid 79 cents a sheet and about died. I say keep collecting until you don't work there and then you will never have to pay an outrageous price for paper!

  3. Nice stash! I'll tell you what you do with it all: YOU SCRAPBOOK :)