Saturday, January 09, 2010


We were able to get everything moved in (I'll show pictures of what we've done later) before Christmas thankfully. We actually got a LOT unpacked the very first day. We did a lot of other shopping too, which was fun, but we spent money we shouldn't have lets be honest. :)

Here's a few from Christmas, Mom Palmer has the rest from when we were at their house. Sadly I didn't get any from when my family was over.

Chase putting a bow on Hurley's head. 
 Hurley trying to take off the bow. It was fun to watch. :)

Christmas at the Palmers

Hurley was killing the bird, and having a blast annoying Zoe.

Mom and Dad Palmer

We had a great Christmas and were so happy with each and every present we got, and wanted  to say thank you. We did have a great Christmas dinner with the DeArmon side of the family. We loved having everyone come over to see our new condo.

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