Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Since Chase isn't going to post anything for my birthday, and I haven't had a post in a few days I will post something... (That's a big hint mister!)

My Birthday was a few Saturday's ago. I'll give you a pretty good hint as to what day it is. Just look at the year I was born. 1986. Pretty simple, I figured this out a few years ago, so now all people need to remember is the year I was born.

Chase had taken me out to my favorite restaurant PF Changs the night before, which was amazing! Anyways we woke up bright and early thanks to Hurley (he whines and it's loud).We got ready to go eat lunch with the Palmer family, (because Chase's dads birthday is the day after mine) and Chase got my present "ready" he didn't have time to go buy it because we have one car and I always seem to end up with it. So he put it in a little envelope that he made with my cricut machine. I opened it up and this is what was in it. 

That's teen paper from AC. FYI 
Not the best photo, but who care's its my birthday right?!

Yup it's true, he got me the Wii fit!

He knew I had been wanting it for a while, but wasn't able to get it for me for Christmas because he had designed and bought me the clock. We've had a lot of fun on it. Probably not enough to get a hard workout in, but it's definitely fun to play with friends, which we haven't had any come over. :( 

We had a good lunch with the Palmer's and thankfully they didn't do anything crazy when we went to chili's. 

Friday my mom took me out for my birthday lunch of my choice - I picked the Pizza Factory. It was awesome! Apparently when you go there they make you a pizza in how old you are. So mine of course said 24 just don't tell anyone. :) I took a picture of it cause it was pretty cool!


Thanks everyone for a great relaxing birthday!


  1. Happy birthday Tedi! Pizza Factory is delicious - I miss that place!

  2. Not to mention the last Wii Fit Plus in the state of Utah on that particular day... A lady just happened to be returning the unopened box at the exact same time I called down to Best Buy to see if they had any... ;-) love you!

  3. Oh my!!! You are spoiled. Hahaha. Happy Birthday.

  4. Ok, I know I;m the worst friend ever, but this proves it I knew it was your birthday and everything and I forgot to send you a little note. So, for this year your birthday is on February 9th (didn't anyone else get the memo?) and so I have a week to send you something before your 2010 birthday. Tada! Problem fixed. :D Love ya!