Saturday, December 12, 2009

You Know it's Finals Week When:

1. You compare and contrast the digestion and absorption of lipids, proteins, and carbs. Just for fun... ha!

2. You drink a lot of caffeine.

3. You just don't care what you put in your mouth as long as you can eat it and get brain food from it. literally...

4. You talk to your husband in statistics, or chemistry, and hopes he understands the foreign language you are speaking.

5. You are sleep deprived.

6. You don't see your husband, family or dog.

7. Your backpack is overloaded with books and notes from the past semester.


8. All you hope for is Christmas break to come, so you can actually catch up on the sleep you need and the right food ingested.

Christmas break starts in 4 days!


  1. Good luck on your finals, Missy. I know what you are going through!

  2. You can do it! Just four more days then you're free!!! Good luck on your tests!

  3. Good luck! You're a smarty pants, that's for sure!! We DO need to do things more often and I am wondering where to send a letter to you, you're new address or your old one? Sure do love ya!