Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Family Pictures

My Mom and Dad wanted some pictures for their Christmas Cards this year. So we decided at Thanksgiving we would take pictures. Because the family would be together. The only animal missing is Sam. But we thought we would do without the animals. 

We always have to take one with Everybody. Notice Carolin making a way funny face. I think I said something to make her smile, or she said that she would think of something funny to get her to smile so it wasn't fake.
Dad and us Kids. David is the only one that looks like him. I think I look like my mom, and Carolin is a mix between the 2.
Then Chase doesn't look like any of them.
We always do one of David, Carolin and I. They wanted me to be in the center. So it goes Shortest, A little bit taller, and tallest. Carolin has outgrown me. David maybe has a year and then I will be the shortest in the entire family, on both Chase's side and my side.
We had to throw in a goofy picture. Gotta love David's face.
Just me and my little sister. We honestly look nothing alike.

When we were growing up Dad always wanted pictures in a diagonal, from oldest to youngest. I would show another picture, but I don't have any on this computer of it. Can you see I'm almost the shortest?
Michael, Mom, David, Me, and Carolin. Michael has been in this family around the same time Chase married me.
Everyone again.
Last but not least, Chase, Hurley, and I. We were able to get Hurley to look with his squeaker toy. Carolin would squeak it, Chase and I would hold our smile, and then she'd snap the picture just in time for Hurley to look at the camera.


  1. Oooh so cute!!! These pictures look fabulous. My favorites are the one with you and your sister kissing your little brother and the last one.

  2. Tedi your hair is so long and pretty! Love all these pictures, especially the one of you and Chase and Hurley.

  3. Your hair is way long! I like it. I think you and your sister look a little bit alike.