Saturday, December 26, 2009

Condo News

Well we finally closed a few weeks ago, and finally were able to move in the Saturday after finals! We love it! We don't mind the drive so much, as it does now officially take us 20 minutes to get to Orem. The Saturday we moved in we did not want Hurley roaming the halls and bedrooms because he just likes to go in places he's not supposed to. We locked him in the master bathroom with the gate. He wined for a while and we could hear him outside even. We were planning on going to Ikea to get a few things for our house. When we got back he did great he was SO happy to see us. I noticed he did not go to the bathroom on the floor and was super excited. Later we found pee in the bathtub. He had gone to the bathroom there instead of on the floor. This may sound gross to some of you but we put his potty pad in the tub now so that he goes, and then if he does go we can just rinse it down the drain. Here's a picture of the pee in the tub. :)

A day or two before we moved in we had to clean stuff because the people before left things a mess, plus no one has lived here for over a year. So we cleaned the carpets in the master bedroom and in the front room. Let me just say how gross it was.

I don't have pictures but here's one of Chase cleaning the carpets

Here's one of how messy one of the cabinets were.

One more thing....
I was going to put away the pantry, and I open the door, and out pops a mouse from behind one of the boxes. I knew there had to be a mouse that had lived here or was living here because I kept seeing mouse droppings in the kitchen and bathrooms. How they still lived here I don't know. Anyways we were able to get the mouse down from one of the shelves to the ground and he started hiding behind the buckets that were in there. We got some cardboard and lined the door so the mouse couldn't escape. We threw Hurley in there because we knew he would have fun with the mouse, and want to "play". We started taking the buckets out one at a time, and then finally got all of them out. We were able to catch the mouse with an empty trashcan and shove cardboard under it. Chase took it into the field across the street from us, and let it go. Since then we haven't seen any new mouse droppings, but that doesn't mean there aren't any still living here.

Here is a picture of the "bookshelf" that we use as our entertainment center, and our new 50" TV we got with Chase's bonus. :)

I'll keep you posted on what happened this past week with Christmas. :)

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  1. A Mouse?!?! You talk so calmaly about it.