Monday, December 28, 2009

Lights with Friends

Monday after we had been settled in (sort of) We made sure our house was clean because Brittany and Dillon Woodard were coming over to go with us to see the lights. They drove up to see our new place and of course they loved it. We took traks up, while we were on the train there was this crazy drunk guy who was sitting behind us saying stuff to us. I'm just glad there wasn't just me and Britt, and that Chase and Dillon were there.


 When we got up to Salt Lake this was the first thing we saw. You would have expected us to have been in batman or something since it looked like this.

Both these pictures look almost unreal. But they are in fact completely real! Because I saw Chase take these pictures.
The air quality is SO bad in Salt Lake.

Here's the first picture we took while walking into temple square.

Us freezing our bums

Then Brittany and Dillon freezing

The lights were so pretty

Chase always does an awesome job at taking pictures.

The nativity set out on the water. So pretty.

I was looking up because it looked like Brittany wasn't going get us in it.

Such a cute couple

Chase wanted to be dorky and stick out his arms, then Dillon knew it wouldn't be symmetrical so he put his arms out.

Then finally a nice one. Don't we all look so cute!

We had a lot of fun up there. We realized what time it was when we got finished looking at the lights. I thought the lights turned off at 10pm. But they were still on after 11pm. We went to the train stop and waited for 15 minutes for the Sandy train to come. We got on one train thinking it was the Sandy train. But then it turned and started going up to the U. We got off at the first stop, and jumped on the next train back to the Gallivan Center. A whole crowd of people got off the train with us. Apparently they had gotten on the wrong train too. Then the conductor of the train that just dropped us off at the Gallivan Center told us to make sure we knew which train to get on before we got on it. All I had to say was shut up lady! Because all it said on the front of the train was Salt Lake. It didn't say University or Sandy. All I have to say is that they need to be more clear on what trains are going where. At least that's how the do it out in D.C. They make sure you know what train you're getting on before you get on it. Maybe next time it will be better.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Condo News

Well we finally closed a few weeks ago, and finally were able to move in the Saturday after finals! We love it! We don't mind the drive so much, as it does now officially take us 20 minutes to get to Orem. The Saturday we moved in we did not want Hurley roaming the halls and bedrooms because he just likes to go in places he's not supposed to. We locked him in the master bathroom with the gate. He wined for a while and we could hear him outside even. We were planning on going to Ikea to get a few things for our house. When we got back he did great he was SO happy to see us. I noticed he did not go to the bathroom on the floor and was super excited. Later we found pee in the bathtub. He had gone to the bathroom there instead of on the floor. This may sound gross to some of you but we put his potty pad in the tub now so that he goes, and then if he does go we can just rinse it down the drain. Here's a picture of the pee in the tub. :)

A day or two before we moved in we had to clean stuff because the people before left things a mess, plus no one has lived here for over a year. So we cleaned the carpets in the master bedroom and in the front room. Let me just say how gross it was.

I don't have pictures but here's one of Chase cleaning the carpets

Here's one of how messy one of the cabinets were.

One more thing....
I was going to put away the pantry, and I open the door, and out pops a mouse from behind one of the boxes. I knew there had to be a mouse that had lived here or was living here because I kept seeing mouse droppings in the kitchen and bathrooms. How they still lived here I don't know. Anyways we were able to get the mouse down from one of the shelves to the ground and he started hiding behind the buckets that were in there. We got some cardboard and lined the door so the mouse couldn't escape. We threw Hurley in there because we knew he would have fun with the mouse, and want to "play". We started taking the buckets out one at a time, and then finally got all of them out. We were able to catch the mouse with an empty trashcan and shove cardboard under it. Chase took it into the field across the street from us, and let it go. Since then we haven't seen any new mouse droppings, but that doesn't mean there aren't any still living here.

Here is a picture of the "bookshelf" that we use as our entertainment center, and our new 50" TV we got with Chase's bonus. :)

I'll keep you posted on what happened this past week with Christmas. :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

You Know it's Finals Week When:

1. You compare and contrast the digestion and absorption of lipids, proteins, and carbs. Just for fun... ha!

2. You drink a lot of caffeine.

3. You just don't care what you put in your mouth as long as you can eat it and get brain food from it. literally...

4. You talk to your husband in statistics, or chemistry, and hopes he understands the foreign language you are speaking.

5. You are sleep deprived.

6. You don't see your husband, family or dog.

7. Your backpack is overloaded with books and notes from the past semester.


8. All you hope for is Christmas break to come, so you can actually catch up on the sleep you need and the right food ingested.

Christmas break starts in 4 days!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Music Video

Here's my cousins in NYC who made this music video. My cousin Eric is the lead singer for The Truthseekers. Towards the end you'll see his son Jaden, and Max who are in the Limo. Thought it was cool they made this music video, and you can buy Jaden's song off of iTunes. Which we already have, and love! Here's The Truthseekers facebook site.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Family Pictures

My Mom and Dad wanted some pictures for their Christmas Cards this year. So we decided at Thanksgiving we would take pictures. Because the family would be together. The only animal missing is Sam. But we thought we would do without the animals. 

We always have to take one with Everybody. Notice Carolin making a way funny face. I think I said something to make her smile, or she said that she would think of something funny to get her to smile so it wasn't fake.
Dad and us Kids. David is the only one that looks like him. I think I look like my mom, and Carolin is a mix between the 2.
Then Chase doesn't look like any of them.
We always do one of David, Carolin and I. They wanted me to be in the center. So it goes Shortest, A little bit taller, and tallest. Carolin has outgrown me. David maybe has a year and then I will be the shortest in the entire family, on both Chase's side and my side.
We had to throw in a goofy picture. Gotta love David's face.
Just me and my little sister. We honestly look nothing alike.

When we were growing up Dad always wanted pictures in a diagonal, from oldest to youngest. I would show another picture, but I don't have any on this computer of it. Can you see I'm almost the shortest?
Michael, Mom, David, Me, and Carolin. Michael has been in this family around the same time Chase married me.
Everyone again.
Last but not least, Chase, Hurley, and I. We were able to get Hurley to look with his squeaker toy. Carolin would squeak it, Chase and I would hold our smile, and then she'd snap the picture just in time for Hurley to look at the camera.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

It's that time again!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

All about Hurley and Chase....

This is what these 2 do when they are bugging me :)


Sadly I didn't get any for Thanksgiving so I can't post those.