Monday, November 30, 2009

Today in the computer lab...

I was sitting trying to see if I could get my stats homework done in the main computer lab, because the math computer lab had a class, and it looked pretty full, and was really loud. Anyways I'm just chilling talking to Chase on googletalk, and then I hear this sound like someone is rolling something. I look behind me and this guy is scooting (seriously he was) on his chair to get to the copy machine. He wasn't even right next to it. But across the room! He's just as bad as the guy that was in my Chemistry Lab this past semester. I won't get started with him. I just thought it was pretty ridiculous that he was scooting on his chair to go get a paper off the printer. How lazy can you be? It doesn't take too much to get off your butt and walk to the printer. You may be burning more calories by getting up and walking.

People are just getting lazy. You just gotta laugh and say "what were you thinking?" :)

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  1. Funny....I probably would of sad something!!! What is going on w/your move?