Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kill a Dog?!

Do I kill the dog?

I'm not totally serious, but it doesn't help the fact that my teacher is videoing me tomorrow in dance, and I have no shoes. I haven't even had these shoes for a year, and the dog already chewed them to the point I can't even wear them. If he hadn't chewed the heel off I think I would've survived this semester without getting a new pair of shoes. I'm not even taking dance next semester, and now I have to go by a pair of shoes. This really bites!

The reason he got them was because my backpack was out in the living room on the stools. I am so ready to cry, and scream, and beat something. Seriously! Probably not the dog...

Maybe to get back at Hurley. I will make him run on the treadmill to wear him out! That I think would make me feel better.


  1. oh totally kill him! ... lol jk I feel for you we are having a lot of this problem at our house lately and if the dogs weren't so cute I think I may just banish them! fortunate for them we love them. (and I would never kill a dog for the record) Good luck with the busy doggie mouth they never want to chew on the things you want them to chew on :)

  2. I would die!!!! Sorry!

  3. NO!!!!!!! That is truly a tragedy. So sorry to hear that.

  4. So sad! We have that problem at our house a lot. We lost 3 pair of the same kind of baby shoe because the dog kept getting into the diaper bag and pulling them out. Baby shoes are probably a lot less than dance shoes though! Sorry friend!