Monday, August 03, 2009

Random Things

My awesome co-worker named Jen designed this design which I thought was pretty sweet, I just teasingly asked if she could make me one. Well she said bring a shirt and I'll put a design on for you. So I did! I love it! Well the reason that they were designing shirts, is because it's something fun that the design team does each year.
This is the one she designed and I brought the shirt.
I found this shirt that I designed with a few other classmates in high school.

I just found the bedspread that I want, and it would look so good with our bed from ikea. Love love love!

Too bad it costs $275 for just the duvet. I'll start saving. Hopefully it will still be around by the time that comes around. ;)


  1. OMG Tedi. That duvet cover is soooooooo cute! Maybe it'll go on sale...

  2. Look for a knock off somewhere.