Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Logan's Homecoming

So I'm trying to catch up. Plus I haven't really wanted to blog much, but felt like I needed to today to get caught up on everything.

Last Thursday the Palmers who live in Lindon (and don't forget Grandma Kartchner) went up to Salt Lake International Airport to pick up Elder Logan Palmer! We seriously had been so antsy ALL day long! We could seriously not WAIT to get Logan. Before Chase and I went up to the airport we went to my work party, ate and then ran out and drove as fast as we could (as fast as I would let Chase drive :) up to SLC.

Here's us before leaving the house for my work party
Can you tell I'm really excited?
Chase pretty darn excited (don't forget to look at the beard)

Don't forget Hurley... He was excited too. In fact, he gets excited and hyper everytime someone comes over, not just someone new. I guess everyone except Chase and I are "new". :)
The Drive Up, Looks pretty gloomy huh?
The parents and grandma waiting for Logan (they got there pretty early too)
Raydad waiting impatiently
More waiting...
Finally some more waiting, but smiling BIG!
The whole family including Uncle Brad, Aunt Fawn, little Brad and Nikki not pictured... Me
Cute sign huh? Graphik was the one who made this, Wes and Marie did a good job don't ya think?

Okay are you ready yet???

Still waiting?

At last, (I mean really last, he made us wait almost 45 minutes once the plane landed!) for the big Elder Palmer! WOO WOO!

Mom could NOT wait any longer, I don't think Logan got to see his banner, because she ran as soon as he was off the escalator.
Logan totally dug the beard (not me ;)
A lot of tears were shed, but they were happy ones.

A Happy Elder!
Bear hug for the pops!
Last but not least give a hug to the VERY HAPPY Grandma!

We are SO happy that Logan is home, he's still adjusting, but he'll catch up for sure!

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  1. LOVE IT!! Congrats, I love fresh off the mish missionaries! They are the best to be around. They exude a spirit like none other, it's rare and hard to find without them! XO