Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday

Yesterday was Chase's 24 (am I allowed to say that here? ;) Birthday! He's an old fart now! :) Well Chase stayed home from work because he hadn't been feeling well and probably got the cold from Raydad. Anyways I took him out to Quizno's for lunch. Took him with me to get stuff for his cake (it's okay we did it last year too, it's now a tradition :) Looked for houses with Bob Allphin.

We went to Tucanos because we had a gift card for Chase, PLUS he loves the Brazilian Buffet

I had forgotten my camera for dinner, so we took a picture of each other at dinner, cheesy I know. When we handed our server the free dinner, she asked if it was his birthday and I told her it was today. Well they sang to him and he shook the maracas. He turned really really red, and was very embarrassed, but that's what he gets for going on his birthday, IN his birthday month, right? I guess the next time he takes me out for my birthday (hint hint) he can do that to me. Because I don't care... well yet anyways.

After dinner we went to try and catch a G.I. Joe showing. We were able to make it and we both thought it was a pretty good treat to go see a movie on a weeknight. Even though the prices for tickets were not in our favor. We both gave it a good rating. But then again I'm an action movie girl, and love movies with a lot of action (unlike Harry Potter).

We got home late, Hurley was outside to greet us. I had Chase open his presents.
From the Palmer parents. We definitely LOVE Five Guys
My great wrapping thanks to AC. So the reason I gave him 2 Milky Way bars was because we've gotten coupons for free chocolate, and each time Chase wanted a Milky Way and both times he couldn't get one. So I figured that the birthday would probably be the best seeing as he couldn't get it another time.
If you look closely at the bottom right corner of the above picture, you will notice a white pile. Well it just so happened to be some of his socks that he doesn't wear. I put them in with the movie so that way he couldn't tell what it was. I did a pretty good job seeing as he thought it was some article of clothing.
This is Hurley happy to be playing with his toys and happy to be inside where its warm. We had been having problems leaving him in the house while we were gone. The last time he took all the cushions off the couch and the chair, and then peed and pooped on the couch. So we learned our lesson I hope.

Oh I can't forget to say thanks to Mom and Michael for getting Chase 2 cooking stoves (they didn't know which ones to get him) fuel for each and then a lantern.

I hope Chase had a really good day (I'm sure he did getting to spend time with me)! Happy Birthday to the love of my life!

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