Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Brooklyn's Blessing + Jackson's Baptism

Saturday Chase's cousin Jackson was getting baptized. We found out the night before while we were working on getting a dvd done. So I went up with Chase's parents, and Grandma and Chase was going to be about 15 minutes late to the actual baptism because he had to drop the dvd's off at Provo High. Well I waited in the back and played with Jackson's sister Avery and waited for Chase to come. I waited and waited... I had his clothes all ready for him to change. Well the baptism got done an hour later and finally got a text from Chase, asking if it was over. Well then I heard the motorcycle. Sure enough he made it for the end, and the dinner, which count's the most right? ;) It was awesome seeing family, and I loved meeting the newest cousin Brooklyn. I forgot my camera, and was only able to take this picture.
Not everyone in their family was included. Lora, Landon, Jackson, Seth, and Jason. Missing Avery and Issac.

Sunday night was Brooklyn's baby blessing. Chase and I were thinking that Nathan would wait until Logan got home. Well that really didn't happen. If only they waited 2 more weeks. :) They live in Tooele Utah, which wasn't too bad of a drive. We again had fun being with family. This time We got to see almost everyone that lives up in Northern Utah. Brooklyn had the cutest white dress on. Sadly I couldn't remember what the blessing was about. I was trying to make sure Issac wasn't making too much noise. Jackson, and Issac.
3 brothers (Lorin, Jason and Joe) + Grandma and Raydad.
Debbie, Mom, Christina, Sydney, Den, and Gentri
Nathan and Brooklyn
Ammon and Raydad
(Doesn't Raydad look like he's going to be a great grandpa someday?)
Chase and Brooklyn

I had to get one of them to show that Chase really will hold a baby. :)

We had a fun weekend with not a lot of sleep, but who's counting sheep?

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