Monday, July 20, 2009

The way to San Fran...

So last Tuesday night Chase and I flew out to San Francisco for our anniversary! Yes it's true we've been married for officially 2 years now. WOW!

On the Plane
The only good picture I got of the Golden Gate Bridge

The guy we talked to when we were getting our rental car said that we could rent a 2010 mustang for only $12 per day! That is pretty dang good seeing as Chase is "under-aged" for renting a car. So of course I said yes, just feeding into Chase's obsession for one day getting a mustang.Chase Proving that he really did drive it, and not just find it and take a picture with it.
Pretty sweet ride, right?

The first day Chase and I rented bikes because the tickets were all sold out of Alcatraz. Either we didn't go or pay $75 per person for 2 tickets to Alcatraz and get a double-decker bus ride tour around the city. Definitely not worth the price. :) So we opted out of that. It was a long bike ride... Well 3 miles but it seriously felt like 10! :D
Me taking a picture of Chase while we peddled by the bay
Me taking a picture of me
Us biking to the Golden Gate Bridge
Us on the other side, not in San Fran, a lot warmer that's for sure
Before crossing the Golden Gate Bridge

Eating Ice Cream in Sausalito
Yummy Almond Praline

Right before we got ice cream this a girl on the street asked me to sign a petition to help over-throw prop 8. I was nice and said no thanks, but let me say I just wanted to go and punch her, and tell her that she's never going to win... But Chase held me back. After we sat down to eat ice cream some guy told her off and she was gone before I knew it. Chase told me to let it go... It took me a while but I eventually let it go.

Us on the ferry back to San Fran

This is how bad the wind was and I didn't have a hairbrush OR a hair thing

We ate at In-N-Out Chase wanted to show the guys at work that he would at least try and eat there one more time to see if it was better than the other times he's been there. For sure it was better, but the sad thing was it was freezing outside, and there were no places to eat inside.

Chase thought this guy was so cool, so we gave him a tip and got a picture with us. He asked us why we were in San Francisco and we told him it was for our anniversary and then he said well are you still madly in love, and we said yes (of course!) and then he said prove it! So Chase gave me a hot kiss! :D He said okay you proved it! :)
At the sourdough factory, I thought these were so cute.
So cool! We hiked up this took some pictures and then hiked down it. THEN Chase wanted to drive on it, and so I recorded that. It was fun! Crazy fun! Don't want to live on that road.
On our way to the Jelly Belly Factory
The bridge we used to cross the bay. P.S. expensive toll!
Us getting ready for the tour. We were REQUIRED to wear these hats through the tour. We got rid of them afterwards when receiving our own little baggy of Jelly Belly's. MMM We bought a lot of Belly Flops. :)
Outside the Jelly Belly Factory
Tickets to the Winchester Mansion
Walking the crazy low-risers this was a LONG staircase, we walked 100 ft to go 10 ft up. Crazy right? 7 turns...
Outside the Mansion
My favorite restaurant, too bad Utah doesn't have one. :(
Sea Lions. Wow. They were SO lazy!
Us on Pier 39

Oakland Temple. It was closed for cleaning so we couldn't do a session. We wanted to go to the Sacramento temple, but It was 2 hours there, 2 hours for a session, and 2 hours + home. Not too worth it. :( Next time
Love this picture! PLUS no wind
Anniversary Dinner. Our server gave us a sundae, yum! Love this place!

So glad we were able to get away before a busy week getting 3 DVD's done. :( Want to be back. Love that city!


  1. Looks like way fun! I'm glad you guys got to do something out of the ordinary to celebrate your anniversary! Congratulations!

  2. TEDI!!!

    Ok so I saw that you, like me, LOVE panera bread! I went to it all the time out in Seattle!

    Great thing is it's in UTAH now!! It's called Paradise Bakery. It's in American fork right off the exit where the target it. It's the same people just a different name! When I discovered it I was almost in tears from happiness lol :)

    Go check it out it's AMAZING :)

  3. I'm so jealous of your trip, it looks like soooo much fun. I missed your smiling face every morning at work though :) Didjuknow that for 10 years I lived just about 3 blocks away from the Winchester Mystery House? It's true.

  4. That's so fun that you guys got to go to San Francisco too! haha, I have a picture of the sea lions at Pier 39 that looks exactly like yours. :)