Thursday, July 09, 2009

I can't think of a very good title for this post. Mainly due to the fact that it's been a while since I last posted. I know most of you are dying to know what we have been up to...
Chase and I went on a ride a few weeks ago. We went up to Heber, ate ice cream at Dairy Keen, my favorite has to be the orange swirl dipped in chocolate. MMMM I wish we could go this weekend. :) Then we went through the Alpine Loop. Here's a picture.

Then 4th of July weekend Chase and I had Friday off, I had been dying to go to the Lindon Pool. Chase wasn't too excited to go, but he went because he knew he didn't want me to go by myself. We had a lot of fun watching people biff it on the flowrider it's a wave machine that you can learn to "surf" and "body boarding" (aka boogie boarding). We also had a lot of fun going down the slide, and floating in the lazy river.Well after being there only a few hours, we came home chilled for a while, and then noticed how Burnt we were... It was horrible! What is sad is that we put sun screen on and we still got burnt....
On the 4th Chase and I slept in. Then went down on the bike to Provo to go see the shops on Center. We saw a lady making lace, that was pretty sweet! I saw a lot of people that I used to go to high school with. Later when we got home (we put Hurley in the backyard to play) he was so happy to see us.
As you can tell from the picture. He loves playing in the back yard. Because our yard just isn't big enough. Later that night we went to our friend Brittany and her husband Dillon's house for dinner, and then drove up to watch the fireworks up at Thanksgiving Point.
We had a lot of fun and are glad we have a married couple to hang out with again. We have had a fun couple of weeks.

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  1. look how HOT you both look standing next the bike! time to get a working bike going in our family so we can join you!

    next time you want to hit the pool just give me a ring. i am always up for fun in the sun.