Saturday, July 25, 2009

Family History

A few weeks ago I emailed my dad's cousin Rob, and his wife Carla to see if they happened to have any family history stuff. Of course they did. They were so very willing to send me a lot of what they had. Let me just say it was probably the best day when I got a large envelope from them, and then they sent a 14lbs box full of stuff too! How awesome are they!? Here are some pictures from the olden days. My family. Awesome!

This is my Uncles and Dad. Isn't my dad the cutest!?

This is my dear Grandma Ted who died before I was born from cancer. All I can imagine from the pictures that I have, is she was the sweetest person ever! I love her and I don't even know her. But I will meet her someday.
Here are the Higgins Family. The top row is Jimmy, Rob, Mary Belle, Don, Ted and Tony. The second row is Belle Boone and James Stone Higgins (my great grandparents). This was taken in Christmas of 1950. The only person that I have met is Don, he is still living and located in NYC. Sadly I don't think he would remember me because he's got Alzheimer's. :(

Thanks Rob and Carla!

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