Monday, June 08, 2009

Nebo Loop Ride

Saturday Chase and I went on a motorcycle ride with about 10 other bikers, almost all were in our ward. You wouldn't think that very many bikers would be in one ward. We all met 8am Saturday morning at Mimi's Cafe. Then we drove down to Payson to jump on the Nebo Loop. Chase and I both thought that since it was a nice day outside that it wouldn't be so cold. Well we were wrong. On our way up the windy mountain it got colder and colder, it seriously felt like it was -20 degrees! It was miserable! We stopped up at the top to rest our bottoms, and I was about ready to tell Chase that I was done, that I just wanted to go home because it was so cold!
Thankfully one of the other bikers Chris and her husband, Mike, had an extra wind breaker coat and pants, that they let me borrow so I wouldn't freeze. She said on her first ride she didn't bring extra stuff and she froze too. Then we headed down the loop and went to a town called Fairview where there were about a 100 or so bikers who were all Sheriffs from all over. That was a sight to see! It was pretty cool, I had never seen so many bikers before. Then after Chase and I were supposed to go home to drive up to the airshow. So we headed through Fairview canyon. We accidentally missed the turn and ended up eating lunch with the gang, and then turned around and headed back through to a town called scofield there is a big resevoir (lake?) there which was so pretty. After that we got onto route 6 through Spanish Fork Canyon, it was SO windy that Chase's leather jacked would puff up, and it would start blowing him away. He said he would hold tight to the handle bars. After the canyon we got gas and hopped on the freeway to Lindon! Lets just say that we definitely were not ready for that ride. Especially our bottoms! But we enjoyed ourselves and that's what counts! We got home around 4pm - too long for us. Hopefully we'll get asked to go on another ride, and next time we'll be more prepared! Here are some pictures on the ride. A few people took pictures of the group, but i'll post what I have till I get the other pictures.

This was only 1/2 of what our group was. The blue BMW is LaRon and JaNae and they were in charge of it all.

Us freezing our bottoms off! :)

As you can see by my shiveryness, I was cold!

Us just outside of Scofield, right before we hit route 6.

I was scared trying to take these pictures, but we were going slow enough that I wasn't TOO afraid to take the picture. I thought this turned out pretty cool!


  1. That is really cool Tedi! My husband is from Fairview...its out there huh? Crazy that there are so many bikers in your ward! and PS...poor dog of yours!

  2. WOW Tedi! I didn't know you rode!!! You make a hott biker chick!