Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend in Review

I used to write a lot of "weekend in reviews" when I worked with Allied Barton Security. I would hang out with people from Logoworks, and they loved some of the weekend in reviews that I had. Especially a crazy date I went on the summer before I met Chase. Here is our weekend (as in like 1 day, since I only took pictures yesterday) in review.
Friday night, Chase and I decided to go out to dinner, and then we also ended up going to Movies 8. Thank goodness that BYU is out for the summer because it would've been PACKED!! We saw Fast and Furious 2. Which was so dumb. We both didn't like it, and we were glad we only paid $2.50 for the entire price. We won't buy it that's for sure!

Saturday Chase filmed up at the SLC temple for his old boss Ted. We weren't planning on it, but he ended up doing it anyways. I showed up at Puppy School (training) for Hurley and apparently it got canceled because of the holiday. Then Chase and I went to my friend Brittany's open house that she was having since she got married a few weeks ago! Can't wait to have someone else to hang out with! We were only able to stay for about 10 minutes then we had to head down to Provo to go film The Dance Conservatory's concert. That night they had 2 shows! They have so many kids they have to. They like to tell a story with their dance. It was cool.

Sunday we were lazy and just hung out not doing much.

Monday we got up late and wanted to go for a hike later that day. Instead we built a fence! Dad (Ray), Mom (Kathy), Chase and Dad worked hard (Mom and I were mostly there for support, and to help with holding stuff). Sadly at the end of the day we only had one small portion of the fence done. But it will turn out great! I know! Here are some pictures to document the day.
This is Chase working hard at the fence

This is the other part of the fence that isn't done

This is Hurley and Zoe having a BLAST while we were working on the fence. They really did do a good job at being good and quiet. I thought this was a great picture of them.

As you can tell Chase and I are really working? Chase is mostly doing the hard stuff! :P

Hurley definitely was being treated like a king! Or more he was the king of the chair, until he got all tangled in it, and then thought that the chair was coming after him! That was pretty funny!

So that ends our weekend in review! Till next time!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Saturday Show Off

So I got an ad in the mail for Albertson's the other day and I noticed it had some good deals in it. I wanted to show it off. Because I think I did a pretty good job.

I got all of this for $32 I saved $45 is what the Albertson's receipt said. Pretty sweet huh? I feel pretty proud of my good shopping. Oh P.S. Macy's doesn't take online coupons. I tried that once and it didn't work. Oh well...

1st Hike

So Saturday night, Chase and I packed up and headed up to go hike the G. Not just by ourselves but with Hurley too! He absolutely loved it! He pulled on the leash the whole way there and the whole way back too! I was starting to get sick by the end of the hike, and so was Hurley. But he enjoyed it! Here are some pictures from the hike. We'll probably go again next weekend too since he loved it so much!I know we didn't get Hurley in, but we were close right?
I still can't believe that Hurley made it up to the G and back. He was the one that was keeping us going. We probably wouldn't have made it that fast if it weren't for him.
Cute little family

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Cute Fix For The Week

So tonight I was washing one of Hurley squeaky toys because he had peed on it earlier today. Well Hurley was sound asleep then when I started squeaking it he started whining, but this time with a howl. It was the funniest and cutest things he's ever done! We had to post the video. This I hope makes up for the past month where I've been bad at putting pictures up!