Wednesday, April 08, 2009

First Ride Of The Year!!

The one nice day out of the last few bitter months of winter, a few buddies of mine and I went on our first ride of the season! Jon, Lane, Lane's Roomate, and myself took a 4 hour drive around Utah Lake. We all met up at the Harley Davidson in Lindon and took off counter clockwise around the lake. About half way we stopped at an old abandoned gas station to warm our hands and get some feeling back in out butt cheeks. While we were stopped, we seemed to attract a bit of attention. With the attention we got, you would think no one ever rode motorcycles around Utah Lake... Ha! We weren't the only ones with the brilliant idea of going on a good ride that day. We passed a good dozen and half other bikers on our journey. We stopped in Santaquin to grab a bite to eat at One Man Band. None of us had been there before so we thought it would be a good chance to try it. Come to find out that it's set up much like the Training Table, one of mine and Tedi's favorite places to eat. We walk in and suddenly we are the center of attention. One lady is stopped in the middle of the road taking pictures of our bikes all in a row, like we were some biker gang of some sort. Then another lady and her son come into the parking lot and go and take pictures of our bikes in front of the One Man Band sign. Never thought 10 minutes of fame would be at a small fast food restaurant. We sat down and read the menu. "To eliminate confusion, one check per table". Well, I wasn't about to pay for everyone, and I'm sure everyone else was feeling the same. We were all about to get up and sit a four different tables! Okay, you had to have been there to realize how funny that was. We finally talked them into letting us all pay separately. I was quite impressed with the food. Great tasting, but no cheese fries. They did however, have a similar concoction as Iggy's Chili Water, but a little thicker, and without the kick.
Jon became absolutely obsessed with this Chili Water stuff after Jon and his wife Melissa went with Tedi and I to the new Iggy's in Orem by the mall. Chili water is like a sweet and sour hot sauce that you can put on your burgers, fries, and what ever else you can think of. In Jon's case, just lick it right off the place, why put it on anything! We figured he liked it so much that the next time Tedi and I went there, we bought Jon a bottle of it for helping with installing our washer and dryer. We were going to give it to him with a straw so he could just drink straight out of the bottle... but we forgot about the idea until after we had left.
So, moral of the story... Motorcycle rides rock! One Man Band is a great place to eat, just no cheese fries! And everyone has to try Iggy's, it's the best restaurant out there! The End.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

It's new, It's white.... it's a washer and dryer

We finally got ourselves a new washer and dryer!!!!