Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Is it Spring yet!?

I really wish it was spring! I'm so sick of this icky weather, AND the fact that every morning I start by scraping off my windows on the car, hop in and start to drive, the next thing I know my windows have ice on them again! Yesterday it was so bad and I thought that I was going to run into oncoming traffic, I pulled over and had to scrape my windows! Today I was sneeky and hopped in my car, and started the windshild wipers, it helped, but they were still reicing. grrr

Spring Please come!

Besides all that I have been studying my brains out for Anatomy. So far it has sort of paid off... Now I need to work on my microbiology. Maybe by May I will be able to spend time with Chase.

Oh yeah one more thing. This weekend Chase and I went to the Provo High School Ballroom Competition. We watched all the high school's medleys and during Provo High's Latin medley one of the girls shoe strap broke off and her shoe went flying that was during the first minute or so, then towards the end of their medley her other shoe strap broke off. Let me just say she did not have a good night. I feel bad. Apparently those were brand new shoes too. So sad.

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  1. Tedi:

    Yeah...you updated! I know you don't have much time w/all that studying. Just reading what you have to study makes my brain hurt! You are a smart girl! Good luck and I agree about the spring thing...I'm so tired of being cold! Have a good day!