Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas comes but once a year

So I finally have pictures, and let me tell you it's all thanks to the camera Chase got me for Christmas! YAY! I obviously can't take a picture and show you lol...It's the canon powershot A1000. It's pretty sweet I might add. Okay for the goodies now! For some reason it has taken me a while to get a post up. I have been way too lazy! So anyways. For Christmas Chase surprised me with a trip (right before Christmas) down to Las Vegas. It was actually the weekend that BYU played in the Las Vegas Bowl. Here is the place that we stayed at! Oh it was so nice! He did an awesome job at finding the place!

Chase and I stayed at the Grandview at Las Vegas. It is a timeshare, and whenever they are getting ready to open a new building they have an open house where they let people who don't have a timeshare stay there and they basically hope that they will get us to buy a unit. Well Chase and I were pretty close to buying one. We thought it would be great to have one that way we don't have to spend a ton of money each year on a vacation. When we could go to the timeshare anywhere in the world, for less than what we would normally pay. The first night we went out with our friends David and Celise and their family to Applebee's and we (thanks to Che') ordered the Blonde Brownie! It was SO good! The next day we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe, and went and saw the Las Vegas sign.We went shopping at the outlet malls and we got Chase a new peacoat for a guy. He looks really good in it!That night we went out to eat at the Grand Buffet at the MGM with our friends David and Celise. Since we listened to the whole timeshare talk we got 100$ for us to go out to eat. Chase and I had a lot of fun that weekend!

Well basically that was my Christmas present, along with some other gifts too. But we had a fun Christmas. This year we actually took pictures of US! with our new camera! YAY! :D So here's us on Christmas morning!That night we went down to eat dinner with my parents. Well over Thanksgiving weekend Carolin and David slept over. Well both of them forgot their PJ's, we let them use ours. A week or so after when I started doing the laundry I found a pair of underwear that definitely wasn't mine. I assumed it was Carolin's. Well I thought it would be a funny Christmas gift to give back to her. Chase was worried that she would get really upset. But before she opened it Chase said this is all in fun and games. So here's her face, she didn't want to show anyone what was in the canister. :) She told me that she would eventually get me back for what I did to her. All I have to say is don't leave stuff at my house, and you won't have a problem. :)

We got some presents from Chase's brother Logan who's on a mission. He got me a new bag (which I'm using as my purse), and he got Chase a Doctor dude that smokes incense. They are actually pretty cool.Saturday the 27 Chase's parents and us went up to ikea and got a closet kit for our closet in the computer room. We are SOOOO happy and SOOO excited to finally have it! We were putting stuff in the closet last night!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A real slap in the face

So the beginning of the semester I wasn't too worried about my grades. Well it got to be midterm and I was doing great in my Nutrition class, but not so hot in my Chemistry class (AGAIN!!!!). I studied SO hard for the final 2 tests in my Chemistry class (harder than what i've put in before). And to my amazement I got the same grade I did over a year ago. What was the point in paying for my Chemistry class again when I would get the same grade. As you can tell i'm a little upset. I was going to try and apply for the nursing program for fall next year, and now with a B+ i'm not sure if i'll get in or not. So I'm really bummed. Next semester is going to be the toughest semester I think I will have taken. I am taking Microbiology, Anatomy, and American Social Dance I. I have had a few people tell me not to take Micro and Anatomy together. But since those are the only classes i'll be taking I think I will find time to study. I did learn something at the end of this semester. If I want to study and not have any distractions I need to study ON campus. I love my Chase, but he is definitely the main distraction (in a good way).

So my goals for the New Year (and new semester) are:
1- Study at school
2- Spend time with Chase
3- Don't forget to do the laundry
4- Exercise at least 3x week
5- Save more than 10.00$ a month

Sounds like good goals right? Now I just have to stick to them. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!