Wednesday, October 29, 2008

8, 8 and 8...

I got this from my friend Kim, and she said whoever was the first one to read their blog (which I guess i'm one of the first...) then they get to post this. Well I haven't posted in a while, and I thought this would be something fun to lighten the mood that i'm in (you can blame it on the elections).

8 fav. TV shows:
1. The Office
2. House (even though I hated last weeks episode)
3. The Amazing Race
4. Lost - can't wait for the new season!
5. Ghost Whisperer
6. Cold Case
7. Dancing with the Stars
8. 24 - but I thought it was done... I still like it though.

8 places I love to eat: (not in any kind of order)
1. Chipotle
2. Zupas
3. Kneaders
4. Chili's
5. noodles & company
6. Panera Bread - but utah does NOT have one! grrr it's my favorite.
7. Olive Garden
8. Costa Vida

8 things I did today:
1. Well it's still early in the morning... so I guess I woke up and showered.
2. Got to work on time... miracle for today.
3. Text Chase
4. Answer phones.
5. Try not to think about going to the bathroom, because our water at work is turned off and we have to wait till 2pm before it gets turned back on.
6. Kissed Chase goodbye
7. Was reminded by Kim that Chase and I still need to go to the temple this month. Thanks Kim!
8. Stickering Cards for our slick writer pens.

8 things I am looking forward to:
1. Register for Classes (I know that's weird, but I have been freaking out about it all week!)
2. Thanksgiving! Before Christmas=NO CHRISTMAS MUSIC BEFORE THANKSGIVING! :D
3. Dancing with Chase!
4. Having more money in our account.
5. To be in my bed- sleeping...
6. Getting an A in Chemistry and Nutrition!
7. The weekends
8. To be a mom

8 Things I love about FALL:
1. Jumping in a pile of leaves.
2. Thanksgiving
3. The wonderful smells of fall and Christmas
4. Being with Family
5. Carving pumpkins
6. Going hiking
7. warm clothes
8. Pretty colors

8 Things I WISH for:
1. For everyone to love everyone, and not get offended by what other people say for their own opinions.
2. All the dust in our house to disappear
3. Me to get into the nursing program
4. Chase's business to start picking back up
5. Get my 72-hour kit, and food storage ready
6. Being more creative
7. All our debts to be paid off
8. To be able to eat all the Gluten I want, again, without being in pain.

8 people that I tag:
Well seeing as the last time I tried doing this some people who don't check my blog didn't do it... so I'm just gonna say whoever feels like it.

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  1. Hey Tedi!
    I'm glad you commented on my blog so I could get to yours! It sounds like you guys are doing well, I liked reading and looking at your pictures. We'll have to keep in touch.