Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our 2 Week Vacation

So this past month we've been out to D.C. and South Carolina. Chase has never been to the east coast besides Florida where he served his mission. It was also his first time meeting my extended family. Let me say he was definitely scared to meet them. I had been quizzing him for the past few months on who's who, but he still wasn't getting it down. He told me that if he were to meet them then he would learn their personalities which would help him remember who they were. Anyways so August 2nd 5:50 am our plane leaves for St. Paul. We barely made it to our second plane. I was also hoping that we would have time at least to get something to eat before our next plane boarded. Didn't exactly happen. We finally get to the D.C. Reagan Int'l airport around 2:30. We have to walk all the way to the metro station (all our family was down in South Carolina already at the beach, and enjoying it) to get to Takoma Park where my Uncle Jim and his family live. We then had to take the hike to his house. Which honestly wasn't that bad, but the fact that we had ALL our luggage sucked! That night we just chilled and hung out at his house and played the Wii. I totally beat Chase at Boxing! HA! But he beat me at Baseball.
The next day we took the metro down to The Washington Mall. We ate lunch at the Old Post Office. After lunch we went up to the tower and took pictures of the tops of all the buildings. We then went over to the Natural History Museum, which was WAY to crowded so we left. We walked up by the Washington Monument and then around to go see the White House. We actually saw the President of the United States either leaving or coming from the White House. The police officers wouldn't let us go near the field or walkways near the White House. After 15 minutes of waiting we finally got to walk up near the front of it and took lots of pictures. Chase was definitely enjoying himself especially taking tons of pictures. By the end of vacation he had stopped taking as many. Our feet had finally started hurting really bad. We had bought our Chaco's for our trip and we hadn't exactly broke them in. Bad Idea.

After we had gone to the White House we started walking over to the new WWII memorial. It's between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. The new memorial has a big huge fountain in the middle, we saw tons of people putting their feet in and decided that we needed a cool off, since the humidity was out of control.

We then started the 1 mile towards the Lincoln Memorial. By this point our feet felt like they were going to fall off! It definitely was a bad idea to wear these shoes ALL day long! We got done with Lincoln and walked over to the Vietnam Memorial, which is that huge wall with all of the soldiers names written on the wall. Well Chase and I both thought that we didn't have any family that was in this war. We get to the book that has all of the men who died in the war and look up Palmer. Sure enough we found one that was from Blanding, UT. Sure enough pretty much everyone in Blanding is related, so we for sure knew this guy was related to us! Pretty sweet. His name was Lyle C. Palmer. We found out his story when we got home, but apparently he was on his way to say bye to his friends in the barricks and then all of a sudden a bomb went off in that same place and that's how he died. He was only like 23 or 24. Pretty sad, but awesome to find out that he had a family member in D.C. We were definitely done for the day, and my dad was seriously walking SO fast that Chase and I could barely keep up, plus our feet hurt.

The next day we just did the whole Air and Space Museum. When I was little whenever I heard my dad talk about the Air and Space Museum I thought he meant Aaron Space Museum. lol Anyways Chase LOVED this museum. This is probably the best museum on the Mall. There were a few new exhibits that were on display that I hadn't seen before. One of them was about Mars. It was pretty cool. I also liked the one about planets and I was telling my dad and Chase all about the planets that weren't listed and it's all thanks to the Astronomy class I took and did horrible in. lol Chase liked it all and wants to go back again! :)

Tuesday we went up to New York City. We took a China Town bus, and I will say that we will never take that bus again. It was dirty and also it took us over 5 hours to get up to New York, and we were already going to be short on time anyways. It was really frustrating. But we definitely had a lot of fun. We went and Saw Ground Zero and saw the Statue of Liberty. We also found out that NYC is building 2 new twin towers they will be done in 2012. We finally rode the subway. I will say that it probably is more disgusting than the metro in DC. After looking at Ground Zero we took the subway up to Time Square. I always love that place. We went to the Toys-R-Us which had a ferris wheel in the middle of the store. David and Carolin rode on it. They had a lot of fun. We took a lot of pictures of them. We also saw the Naked Cowboy. This guys famous because he's "naked" but really he just has whitey tighty's on and on his butt it says "Naked Cowboy". He also has a guitar, and a cowboy hat. I had never heard of him before that moment we saw him. I saw all these girls getting pictures with him. I guess he was really hot.

After we went to a place called Zen Palate, it is one of the best food places in New York. It is all vegetarian or vegan. It was really good Chase had a sweet and sour dish, and I of course had the curry. I love thai food, and I especially love this. This picture is us in front of Zen Palate. By this
time our feet couldn't take it anymore, we ended up booking it to the subway during rush hour! Let me say the most hectic time of the day! We were SO squished in the subway, I don't even know how many you could've fit in there without it being a fire hazard. We had to catch our bus back at China town, and we barely made it! We didn't exactly have a ride back, we had to be there an hour before the bus left so we were guarenteed seats. We also had to make sure we had enough time to make it to the metro before the metro station closed for the night. It was a rush, but we made it within pleanty of times. :)
The next day Chase and I went off on our own and we went down to Arlington Cemetery to visit my grandparents. It was SO peaceful there. Since we didn't have a car (if you have family in the cemetery you get to drive to where your family is) we had to hike 20 minutes in the Cemetery just to get to my grandparents grave site. While we were there they had a procession going on. We only watched that for a few minutes. They brought the casket down on horses, and they also had a 21 gun salute. Then we hiked up to the tomb of the unknown soldier. Chase thought that was the coolest thing. Then we headed up to Frederick to see my friend Krista and have Chase Meet her family. She took us to where I used to live. Surprisingly it looked a little different.

The next day we went and saw the Constitution. Then we picked up our rental car and went out to dinner at Panera Bread. If I were you I suggest you try it out! It by far is the greatest restaurant. But sadly they don't have any in Utah. Lame! I even requested that the put one near BYU campus because I know for sure they'll get a lot of business.

Friday was a boring day besides doing the olympics with our cousins. Because it was the opening ceremonies that night. Anyways. Saturday we went out to a Japanese Steak House. It was SO cool! We took a lot of cool pictures.
Our server was the funniest guy ever! Sadly that was his last week there, and he was moving down to Georgia. We had SO much to eat! We ate good thanks to Dad. :) Throughout the next week we had a talent show with the whole family. I would hope Chase would be initiated into the DeArmon family. He did share two of his talents. One of which is Dancing, and the other is editing video. I shared my talent of digital scrapbooking. We were also supposed to go rafting down the creek, but a huge rainstorm came in. Luckily we were able to at least go swimming in the ocean the day before we left. :) We also enjoyed an ice cream social with the family.
Chase and I ended our vacation by going to the Natural History Museum back in DC and being one of the last ones out of the Museum, and then going to Johnny Rockets for dinner at Union Station. We definitely had a fun time, even though we got on each others nerves with my dad or siblings. Chase and I definitely want to get away another weekend with just us. But it won't be for a while! till next year!